Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Thursday, and tomorrow we get Aleksa!

We're ready!

Today we picked Wesley up from the orphanage and took him to get his picture taken for his passport.  We had to take a caregiver along for the ride since we weren't keeping custody of him today, but it was fine.  A little squishy... but fine :).

We waited in a room for a while and Wesley warmed up to me during that time.  The caregiver didn't want me to hold him, but I think maybe it was because she'd have nothing to do if I did... Or because she knew he was content.  Not really sure... :)  Once we were called to this other room where we then waited in a hallway for about 20 minutes, she was more than happy to hand him over to me when her arms got tired of holding him.  He's not really heavy, but since his legs don't separate to sit on your hip, it's awkward to hold him.  ESPECIALLY with a super heavy coat on!

We tried and tried and eventually got a decent photo for his passport!  YAY!

Unfortunately, that meant that our time of visiting was over and we were sent back to Kiev via metro and he and his caregiver went on back to the orphanage.  We will pick him up on Monday!  He did great in the car and while we waited, and even sort of smiled for some of the pictures.  Now, holding him up on the back of a chair and getting him to hold his head straight to take his pic in front of the white background... that was amusing!

We went back to the apartment, made some mac n cheese, Chris took a nap, and here we are.

But tomorrow is what you really want to hear about now I'm sure :)

Tomorrow morning we'll leave early and head out to Aleksa's region, which yes, has remained nameless.  I will say where she is from eventually, but for now I think this is better :).  We'll go to the capital city, about 3 hours from Kiev, to get her passport.  Since they have the 'old' passports (using a different system than Wesley's) we can get it in about ONE HOUR.  WOO HOO!!  Then, we'll go to the city where her bank is and withdraw her funds and transfer them to the orphanage account.  We also will make our own deposit to that account to help buy some heating pumps for their new furnaces (at least that's what I understood that they were in main need for!).  Then, after lots of hours already in the car, we'll go that last 20 minute hop to Aleksa's orphanage and dress her in her first clothes that are ALL HERS!  She has princess light-up sneakers and a brand new pink jacket!  Eight years old in her first brand new outfit :)

Then, it's the long trip home (hopefully with a movie in the car) and our first night with my sweet girl with us!

Tomorrow's GOTCHA day for Aleksa!


  1. Congrats on the GOTCHA Day for Aleksa. I hope she transitions easily with ya'll and especially when Wesley gets there and when you get home. :)

  2. Hooray! How exciting!! Can't wait for Wesley's Gotcha Day and for you guys to all be heading home :)

  3. Hannah couldn't sit on my hip when we brought her home. I remember at 16 pounds how HEAVY she was to carry all around Odessa to get things done! About 6 months after being home, stretched daily and physical therapy, she can sit on someone's hip!
    ...There's hope!