Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What, no blogging??

Man, an entire day and a half with no blog... what to do... :)

Yesterday and today were our "down days" here.  We spent the day yesterday going to the Notary to get paperwork done, then the Embassy to get more paperwork done... then had dinner with 4 other RR families that are here in Kiev.  Pictures to follow!!

We got home late and got an early start this morning heading out to visit with Wesley.  Unfortunately, after standing out in the -11 degrees for 45 minutes waiting for the bus, which didn't come, we decided we were going to freeze and went and got a hot cocoa at a mall food court that was WARM.  We sat and tried to come up with a working list for me to pack when we get home in order to have what we need to bring the kids home.

Then, a special treat to us this afternoon, we met up with our missionary friend, Alla, and her sister Oksana and friend Misha.  This is the mission group that ministers at Aleksa's orphanage and Alla is the one that first wrote me about their ministry back in September.  We went to a restaurant and visited with them over a long lunch break :).  What loving hearts they all have!  I will share more about their ministry soon, but want to give it the post it needs, and don't have my brain able to do that right yet :).

Then tonight we got together with another 2 adoptive families- one that is on their way home with their daughter and another that isn't with RR but is adopting a sibling set of 3, ages 10, 12, and 17.  Both are sweet Christian women, and one has her bio daughter traveling with her as well.  We had some pizza and desert and enjoyed the fellowship!

Now, after our two "down days", we have COURT TOMORROW for Wesley!

We also have a few other stops to make, hopefully including a visit to the baby house where Aleksa lived her first 5 years.  She was transferred in 2007 just after we committed to her adoption, and I don't know whether the workers at that house know that she wasn't adopted then... or what became of her.  We are looking forward to seeing her "first home" tomorrow if we can!

Please pray for a quick and easy court tomorrow!  We are looking forward to being a family of 10 in less than 24 hours! :) :) :)


  1. Court should be easy for you tomorrow :) The judge is very nice and used to children with special needs being adopted. Only question she might ask is why a child with CP when all the others have Ds.

  2. what's Wesley's middle name? Mom

  3. buurrr -11?????? thats awful!!!! stay warm and good luck in court!!

  4. Meredith, I wanted to share that reading your blog has become such a bright spot in my day. As you know, my sister's health is quite serious...and it's easy for me to get sad and outright depressed with all that is going on. Then I come to your blog and remember how good God is..and how amazing this journey has been. 3 years ago as I sat and weeped about you losing Aleska...I am still in awe that today...she is a Cornish with a housefull of brothers and sisters at home....and even 1 more brother tomorrow :).Lots of love and prayers still coming your way.

  5. hope it goes well I have CP so when u get back or before u can ask me questions about cp and I will try to anwser them

  6. prayers for all to go quickly and smooth