Saturday, December 18, 2010


I shouldn't be surprised, since we were taking measurements of Aleksa while she wiggled and wormed, but... her measurements HAD to be wrong!

Several people have asked what size she is, and I didn't want to post until I had the clothes ON her and had checked it out a bit... well...

Her shoes are HUGE (I brought size 12).

Her pants are LONG (I brought size 6).

And her bottom is constantly hanging out because everything SLIDES OFF IT. :)

So, I'm thinking she needs a 5 waist and length for pants, and a much smaller shoe-- maybe a 10!  I'll wait until we're home and can take her foot to the store, since she's "surviving" with the shoes that I brought.

We're keeping her fanny covered and her pants on ;)  And shoes help her stop from stepping on them...

We tried! :)  And the shirts fit at least! (I was afraid they'd be too small!)

So, she's a 5 (NOT slim) bottom and a 6 top with a foot a lot smaller than a 12 :)


  1. Yeah, Axel was 10 in August. I brought size 8's for him and they're SO huge! Now that we're home, yesterday Dean and I took him shopping. A size 6 slim pants fits him GREAT, with still about 2 inches to grow in the length. He is SO skinny (45 lbs) and not on the DS growth charts.

  2. Oh, and I brought size 12 shoes for Axel, and they're a little big on him. Angela's feet are very small too. At 14 she wears a size 1 1/2! (and she stopped growing 2 years ago.)