Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Yay for Funds!

God never ceases to amaze me!

Just 10 weeks ago we decided to pursue Aleksa's adoption.  Five weeks ago we first spoke to the institution director and he agreed to sign off on the adoption.  Ten days ago we finalized Aleksa's adoption.

Today, we finalized the loan amount needed.

The total adoption amount: $18,000.
Total loan: $4200

And... We received $460 already that we will be able to repay immediately.


We hope to have our transportation costs come in significantly less than anticipated for this second trip, and already we were able to pay about $350 less for housing than we expected.  We have been VERY careful in our spending, and God has been very faithful in providing!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all who have donated to help bring Wesley and Aleksa home.

For those who don't know "Wesley's story," he was originally brought to our attention to help him find a family because he is nearing transfer to an institution, and would be transferred to a very bad institution where the conditions are, quite simply, inhumane.  We've had at least 2 adoptions from there and it was ROUGH.  A family stepped forward with a grant for him, then later with a much larger grant which essentially covered all of the adoption costs after the initial paperwork, homestudy, etc was done state-side.  We prayed for a family for him for a week and a half.  "All you need to be is ready to raise him and able to travel, the funds are taken care of."  That was what we heard over and over on the many blogs and even posted about ourselves.  Surely SOMEONE could raise this little boy, love him as their own, and give of themselves to go to his country and get him!  After all, the biggest obstacle for adoptive families is almost always finances.

God spoke to Michael and I both and said "YOUR biggest obstacle is finances.  I removed that through this other family.  Go, bring home your son."

Through that grant for Wesley we committed and put together a dossier in 6 weeks including our homestudy update, background updates, and immigration approval.  God was working overtime.

Then, God used our obedience in saying yes to "Monroe" (Wesley) and brought Aleksa back into our lives as well.  We used our savings and a 'bonus' to pay the initial fees for Wesley, and we had literally NOTHING left.  Then when we realized it would be not $12,000 but more like $18,000 for Aleksa's adoption, we weren't sure if finances would stop our pursuit of her.  But we knew God is BIG.  After all, He created the universe!  Surely He would provide for us financially as we followed Him if this is His will for us to bring Aleksa home now.

And so... in 10 weeks, God has conquered $14,000.  Some through donations, some through us scrimping and saving here at home to put every penny we could to the adoption.

Now, as I leave in 5 days to go complete our adoption process, I know that God is FAITHFUL in not just the physical, but in the financial as well.

Another example of God's modern-day-miracles!!

And many of you were a part of that.  EVERY LITTLE BIT has meant a step closer to bringing Aleksa home.  THANK YOU ALL!!!  Your prayers, your kind words and testimonies of how Aleksa's story has changed your life, and your donations.  Each and every one holds a significant part of the story and we are SO BLESSED by every one of them!


  1. the rubber meets the road sometimes...mine met the road a few days ago. I havent been able to do much, but I couldnt live with doing NOTHING. Aleksa and Wesley will be home soon. Hooray!! Michelle

  2. I`m glad for you !!! We will pray for your trip to Ukraine to bring children.

  3. Meredith, this is so amazing and joyful. Hope you are feeling better and soaking in every moment of being with the precious ones you have with you, in anticipation of the precious ones you are bringing home.

  4. You guys have to write this amazing story some day! It is such a beautiful testimony of Gods love, grace, and sovereignty. Amazing! We are praying for your new family members to mix in well. And I use your story almost every week to share with others how amazing God is. Let me know if you ever do write it, I will buy the first copy.
    Mary Mcarthur

  5. I am just praising God with you.