Saturday, December 04, 2010


What a day, or five, it has been!  I'll start with coming home since I'm pretty sure that I'll remember to get back to court when I realize I don't have time to write about it before the kids need me :)

We left the apartment in UA at 2:30am, which means we never went to sleep that night!  We got to the airport much earlier than needed (and we knew we would be... that's another long story :).  Anyway, we  checked our bags and immediately met up with two adoptive moms that were each bringing their new daughters with Down syndrome home!  One is who we met up with for dinner a few nights ago and has her 15 yr old daughter with her as well.  We hung out with them until we were ready to board then their kids were all SO good!  There was another family that was on their way home from adopting 3 siblings (age 4,6, and 8) that sat behind us on the plane, so we got to know them a little bit as well.  Also, there was a missionary family that lives in Ukraine that was on their way to the US for 2 or 3 months for the holidays and the two boys were talkative little fellows the entire first flight with one of the moms.

We flew to Frankfurt from Kiev, then said goodbye to one mom and her daughter, that were going to Washington DC while we flew from Frankfurt to Chicago.  The family that adopted the 3 kids headed that way with her as well.  The other mom and two girls hung out with us as we had a good 3 hour layover in Frankfurt.  Enough time for a pretzel and a drink before getting on the long Atlantic flight.  We were seated in front of the other family, so though they didn't need our help, we sat and chatted for a bit of the ride. The two boys and their mom were also on that flight (with their dog!).

Anyway, we got to Chicago, through customs, and promptly lost the adoptive family (to the immigration line).  We learned that they did make it through from a friend though :).

Then 3 hours in Chicago and we made our final flight, despite them waiting until the entire plane was boarded (and they were looking for 6 volunteers to be bumped!).  We thought we might be involuntarily bumped, but we weren't!

We got home last night at about 8:30 or so, and Kristopher was the only one still awake.  He got some hugs and tucked in to bed and Mike and I crashed pretty soon after!  We'd slept here and there on the flights, but man we were tired!

This morning Brianna was the first one awake and was surprised when it was MOMMY that came in to her room!  She was all smiles and hugs, so sweet :)  Kristopher woke up quickly thereafter as well, and then Lynae.  She wasn't sure what to make of me getting her from bed, then smiled at Brianna, smiled at Kristopher, then wouldn't let me go after that :)   James and Lynae are the two that now are connected to my hip.  James just grins and grins and grins!  He's so sweet :).  He's sitting next to me right now, and Lynae's in my lap, Brianna on my other side.

Micah and Emma were both glad to see us, but they were a bit less pushy about it :).  Micah likes to keep an eye on us both from across the room.  Emma, when we go snuggle her, doesn't want back down!  She just isn't the one initiating it.

So much more I could share, but it's hard to type with 3 kids climbing me!  So, more later...  I'm glad to be home and the kids certainly didn't disappoint with their greetings this morning :D

Oh, and Lynae's just as excited about Daddy too--- she sees him and is ready to go to him immediately- just as long as he doesn't leave where she can see me too LOL!


  1. Glad you are with your family and can see your kids!:)

  2. Im a little confussed . . . is Aleksa home with you?