Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our day and special visitors…

Today was such a better day with the kids!  They both were really good today!  We went to the Embassy in the morning and got the process started for their Visas, believing that Wesley’s passport would be ready today.  Unfortunately, we found out this afternoon that it is delayed because of an issue between the tax code and passport.  No idea what, but though it has been resolved… it still means a delay and we won’t get the passport until Thursday or Friday.

For us, that means we won’t make our Thursday flights.  If we get the passport on Thursday, we are checking with the US Embassy on whether they could issue Wesley’s Visa the same day or not.  If not, (or, if we don’t get the passport until Friday) then we won’t be able to come home until Wednesday next week at the earliest.  The US Embassy is closed on Friday for Christmas Eve and won’t reopen until Monday to issue the Visa.  Tuesday’s flights are completely booked up, making Wednesday the soonest we could come home if we can’t get the Visa on Thursday.  If we DO get it Thursday, flights are booked Friday so we could fly home on Christmas day (arriving around midnight on the 26th)…

Other than that, we had a great day… just some depressing news since we were really looking forward to being HOME for Christmas with our entire family together (and Chris being home with her family too!)

On to pictures!

Wesley, propped in the corner of the couch just chilling.  This was HUGE because yesterday I couldn’t set him down without him crying, and today, though he preferred to be held, he watched and was calm a little.  He definitely prefers to be upright though (vs. laying down—he doesn’t sit independently).


Chris was intrigued by the Color Wonder markers.  Aleksa isn’t interested ;)


Aleksa just being sweet and cute.  She decided she likes the book we have for her today.  She looked at it several times for quite a little while.  She’s settling down a bit! :)

DSCN9031 DSCN9032

The view of our ‘lived in’ apartment.  Two strollers in the doorway (which we later moved when we were expecting company).


Since we don’t have a dresser, this little table next to the couch has been designated as the dresser.  Pants and shirts are folded on top, and underclothes in the drawers.  Hey… it works!


And, our special visitors!  Alla, Misha, and Oksana visited us today!  This is the missionary group that helped us to get in contact with the institution in order to adopt Aleksa!  I was so glad they got to see her and that I got to thank them again for their work in the orphanages and institutions in Zhytomir region, and for taking our personal story to their own hearts to go to the director on our behalf.


Alla, Misha, and Aleksa

DSCN9035 DSCN9036

Oksana, Chris, and Wesley


Alla, Oksana, Aleksa, and Misha


Misha with Wesley.  Surprisingly, Wesley liked him!  Why is that surprising? Because Wesley doesn’t exactly like men…  For whatever reason, though, he took to Misha and giggled and played with him! 

 DSCN9039 DSCN9040

Take a double take on this picture.  Misha and Aleksa were playing as they said goodbye.  YES, they are completely sideways!  Misha was tipping Aleksa backward and she loved it.  They had a good time together.


We are so thankful to this mission group for their work in orphanages, and we invite you to visit their blog, to remember their ministry in prayer, and if you are looking for someone to invest in financially who is putting the words of Christ in the orphanages in Ukraine, they are an excellent endeavor to do that through!



  1. Wow, those *are* exciting visitors! How wonderful that they got to come and see you and Aleksa after they got the ball rolling!! I'm pretty sure you must have mentioned this before, but I may have missed it, but why can't Wesley sit up on his own/

  2. Praying you guys can fly home Christmas day. Tom and Amber flew in with Ana last Christmas just in time for dinner.
    Thanks for sharing the ministry that reconnected you with Aleksa. I'm excited to check out their blog.

  3. Meredith, Iknow they will miss you but just this one Christmas the "reason" more than makes up for it. I hope when you get home you'll be able to get a good PT To help you find some assistive devices to help Wesley at home (as well as helping YOU) so that he can work on those motor skills. It's exciting to think of the opportunities he may have here that he would have missed there. I look forward to hearing about your babies once your'e home. Hugs to Chris as well.
    Karen W

  4. Happy that the kids are adjusting well and that you had some time with your special visitors! So sorry to hear your delays, though. You are in our thoughts and prayers - that God will act on your behalf to get you home ASAP.
    We are hoping to head back to Kyiv on Christmas Day with Maia so if you are still there, maybe we can get together. But, we would much rather you are on your way home! :-)