Tuesday, January 05, 2010


When I load 5 kids into the car to drive them to school... it will feel like 19 degrees.

Thursday we will see near 60 as a high- then cold again for another week.

This is a more extreme winter than "usual" for this time of year, but since it generally only lasts a few weeks at a time, I can handle it.

I think.

(it's in the mid-high 70's in Nairobi)


  1. oooh that is kinda chilly!! I hope it warms up soon there!!

  2. Stay warm out there, Cornish Clan!

  3. Brrr! Y'all bundle up & stay warm!
    We're having freakishly cold weather here in Dallas, too. It's been below freezing every night for 2 weeks, and a cold front is due in about an hour or so that's going to bring wind chills near 0 for the next couple of days!