Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When did they get so big??

Brianna is doing great toilet training. She then went in the guest room where we keep the "supervised" toys and played in the huge rice bin. And cleaned up after herself! (mostly!).

Kristopher made a huge tower with Legos and when told to put them back in the bag he dumped it, put his 'creation' inside, then filled it with the loose pieces. Yes, he's 6 and this shouldn't surprise me but he just all the sudden is SO BIG!

Emma ate dinner with her fork and was a proper little princess and even climbed up in our SW's wife's lap during their visit and made friends with her. How is it she's so friendly and CLEAN all the sudden?

Micah? He's a mess :) But we love him anyway. He's had 2 steps backward this last 2 weeks but poor kid can't cut a break with the sickness and is going to blossom when he's well!
(ENT today- scheduling tonsils and adenoids to come out!).

And Lynae is smiling, happy, laughing, sitting in the Bumbo type seats, and just being cute all the time :)

Off to MAPP classes tonight...


  1. All sound so well and happy:)
    Enjoy your 'BIG' little ones!!!!!


  2. You can't blink that's for sure!

  3. Ahh-They are so precious.
    Poor little Micah... I hope the removal of his tonsils and adenoids helps the poor little feller.

  4. It is AMAZING how fast they grow up. I stare at mine in wonder sometimes at how far they've come. :)