Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moving and shakng

Lynae has mastered a few new tricks! On the 12th she went to the dr for her 4 month checkup and after Dr. R asked me if she was rolling over yet and I said "she's close", she then laid her down and there she went, right over! Since then Lynae has mastered rolling both ways and loves to play on the floor in the midst of whatever's going on. She's wanting to be UP all the time now and not laid down in our arms anymore!

Just this afternoon she got her knees up under her and rocked then smacked her head on the rug. She didn't like that quite so much, but then she did it again- and again (then I rescued her LOL).

Lynae's also discovered her feet and likes to grab them. She found out about them in the bath the other night and now there's no staying dry when bathing her! She loves to splash and play in the tub.

I'd love to post photos, even a video, but I've misplaced my camera! It's been missing a week and a little bit and I have no idea where it may be.

Brianna thinks that Lynae is just the best toy ever now. She now rotates through ALL the kids as her best buddy of the minute. Lynae gets told "no no no" regularly for sucking on her hand, or taking out her pacifier, but Brianna's even learned how to give Lynae back her pacifier (gently!). She also has been playing pretend with Kristopher quite a bit and spending time with Emma and Micah too. Brianna has also learned that she can't put her face right up by Lynae. Nature's consequence-- gravity. Hair is in baby's reach, baby pulls hair! Don't put your face by her! :)

Lots of fun things happening around here lately! I hope I can find my camera soon!!

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  1. i hope you find your camera soon too so I can see how theyve grown!