Saturday, January 02, 2010

Daddy, daddy...

Brianna curled up in my lap on the couch after nap today. I was watching something on the computer. She was captivated by the music, the dancing. She sat and watched... then she got up close and wanted her daddy. And she cried for him.

What I was watching- that she couldn't have known or understand- was the memorial service for Derek Loux. A missionary, a musician, a daddy. The service closed as his young daughter danced to "I will miss you" in front of his casket. And Brianna watched... then cried for her daddy.

Mike's in Kenya right now on a mission trip. Brianna's missing him today. But, Lord willing, he will be back. My heart just breaks for Renee and her children. Derek was at a missions training conference when his friend's car hit black ice, flipped, and he was killed. The world lost a mighty warrior, a Father gained his son into Heaven. But those of us touched by his heart will never forget the impact that Derek had on us.

To Renee and family, Tracie and John and the kids... your husband, brother, daddy, and friend is rejoicing in the arms of our Jesus and smiling upon the wonderful people who continue to carry his mission here on Earth. May God bless you and help you to feel even more of His comforting arms wrapped around you today and always.

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