Thursday, January 21, 2010


I made FOUR trips home today while trying to renew my driver's license.

Thankfully I'd dropped Micah off with my mom and only had Lynae along for the ride (and she slept through it in her carseat!).

First I went by the house to grab my book and a hairbrush. Essentials for a new license, don't you think? Then I drove away and realized I had read something about needing a marriage cert, so I went back again. Grabbed that. Already had my passport, SS card, old license, a proof of residency, my application and my appointment card.

I got there 10 min before my appointment and was told... I need TWO proofs of residency. ANYTHING... bills, bank statements, anything. Just needs to have my address.

No problem, drove home, grabbed our electric bill. It's in Mike's name, but I have the handy marriage license and off we go.

No go. Must be in *my* name.

I don't have much in my name!

AGAIN I went home. This is now trip #4. It's 30 minutes PAST my appointment time now and if I go back I just knew they were going to make me wait in the line that when I arrived the first time was non-existent. I found a bank statement. *whew*

So I did what any patient sweet loving person would do...

I checked in online and made an appointment for 25 minutes from then! :)

Back to the license bureau and to the front of the line of 20+ people (a great feeling tho I felt bad for them) and at the end of the day I have a new license and a new photo (not too bad either!) and it's done for another 8 years.

I also changed my house water bill over to my name. MY name. So now there's something in my name! LOL But it had been under my dad's because I never got down to the city hall with our trustee deed in order to change it over in the last... fourteen months... little while.

And after all that I picked up 3 kids from school and went to Wal-Mart for a few things. Fun times. It was a 15+ trip (how many times I was asked if they're ALL mine) and was more exhausting because of the other people in the store than it was because of my children!

You would think there was a hurricane headed for us by the amount of people there were in Wal-mart today too!

Home, dinner, baths, medicine, teeth brushed, and to bed. A quick evening but a productive day once again.

I will have to write about Kristopher's birthday present for me another time... for now I'm sleepy :)


  1. I can't imagine why you have to go through all that if you already have a license in that state and are just renewing. Seems like overkill if you ask me. Glad it's over with for 8 years at least!

  2. Goodness!! Sounds like what I go through with Reese's Little League registration every year...!!

    Good thing the DMV is just right up the road from you!

  3. Seriously?! Wow, we just have to go in with our expired license.. i mean it IS state ID that they issued... you'd think they'd accept it!

  4. I told you so!! You really have to read the website carefully to have all your stuff. To the others, a new law went into effect on Jan 1 that requires we prove who we really are for security reasons. Kinda funny considering the underwear bomber can get on a plane, and we can't profile, but we have to go thru all this for a driver's license. Wacky world we live in!! Be prepared!!

  5. We will be praying for you guys!
    Are you adopting a boy or a girl?
    Or do you not know yet?

    Love, The Adamsons