Saturday, January 09, 2010

Oh Yes, it's SNOWING

Crazy crazy crazy weather...
The only place it's "stuck" is on the top of our pool enclosure.


  1. That is the craziest thing I have seen in...well, in a long time. Have you seen any of those frozen Floridian iguanas falling out of trees that they showed on the news?

  2. psh that's not "snowing" that flurring - snowing is the 18 inches we have hear that is higher than the bottom of my car :) (and yes I drive in it still)

  3. wooohhhoooo I am so glad you southern people can experience snow!!

    Denise Reker

  4. I've enjoyed your blog so much. I read about your strep issue. when my older kids were small, we had chronic ear infections with continuous courses of antibiotics. Someone told me about the "russian antibiotic" garlic oil. Problem solved. We really never had issues with anything after that. Very healthy family. Docs all patted me on the head, and acted like it was in my mind. Use the gel caps, even the cheap ones, and give 3 the first day, spaced out, then one per day until no symptoms. My kids didn't mind the taste, and liked to pop them between their teeth. Smelly! Worth a try.

  5. I know, right? This is NOT supposed to happen in the southeast, but sometimes life hands you lemons...