Monday, January 04, 2010

Back to it

Tomorrow it's back to school. I have REALLY enjoyed this Christmas break! I don't want to send the kids back to school :( But tomorrow it's time...

Lunches are packed, clothes are set out, breakfast is ready to go, backpacks are (mostly) by the front door and (mostly) packed, and jackets are set out.

And sweaters.

And undershirts.

My GOODNESS, it's going to feel like TWENTY ONE degrees when I send the kids out to school in the morning. This is FLORIDA. We don't OWN big coats! So layers it will be.

An undershirt and a sweater or sweatshirt and their "cool weather" jacket. And tights for the girls. Under their jeans. And hats. Do I have hats?

Because when 68 feels cold and the kids wear a sweater in the house... 21 is unbearable!

And yet they'll survive. As will I.

Hopefully without getting sick going from 21 outside to 79 inside. (why is it they crank the heat THAT MUCH when everyone is bundled up for the cold weather?)


  1. We have been canceled the past two days due to snow. We're getting more tomorrow and the lows are going to be about 10 below 0!!! That's even cold for us mid westerners! I can only imagine what you Floridians are dealing with!

  2. My middle schooler refuses to wear his heavy jacket or even layers to school. The bigger jackets don't fit in the lockers and he's not allowed to carry it with him, and the bus and school are so hot he can't stand it! He usually just wear jeans, a t-shirt and a hoody. It's 11 here, so I feel your pain though :)

  3. we had -15 the other day. Not fun.


  4. While walking the dog with Noah today we were talking about how in Florida it didn't get as cold as here (We were both wishful thinking). That it was like Spring and Summer all year, guess I have to take that back :)

  5. This week has been crazy! There was ice on my windshield three mornings in a row and frost in the grass. Do you think it will snow this weekend? Everyone is hoping here in Sarasota :)