Monday, January 11, 2010

Guess what!!

Well... Saturday evening Micah came down with a rash on his trunk and the rash all over his cheeks and chin was getting worse. And it's pretty bad on his hands too. So I called the doctor to see what she wanted me to do-- likely it's a reaction to the medication he's on.

She and I talked through it and basically said we really WANT to keep him on this anti because it's the LAST anti that we can try for him to get rid of the Strep. So unless it gets REALLY bad, she wanted to try to keep him on it. I agree. She did say she wanted him to come in today to retest for Strep and see if it's even working. Because if it's not... no reason to keep him on it if he's possibly reacting to it.

So in we went. And guess what? MICAH TESTED NEGATIVE FOR STREP!!!!!!!! Which she said means he is NOT a carrier, or even during treatment he should test positive. Poor kid is still pretty miserable. But-- he's not testing positive, so the antibiotic IS WORKING!

And you can tell it's working because... he has the most disgusting poops possible. Sometimes 3-4 times a day. Oh. Yes. Fun.

Anyway, it's great to know he may kill it off, and we have notes in to the ENT to try to get an appointment quickly to be able to get his tonsils out before he catches something else. I already pulled him out of school at least this week and depending on when we might be able to get him in to the ENT and scheduled for surgery, we may be taking him out of school for longer.

In the mean time we'll just be thankful for disposable diapers, Lysol, Bleach, and fans :)

Tomorrow Brianna goes in for her 4 yr checkup and Lynae for her 4 month checkup. That will make 4 appointments between 3 kids in 6 days.


  1. Glad he's not a carrier!

    To help with the poops, it's important to restock his body with healthy bacteria. Try a pro-biotic. My favorite for little ones is Jarrow Baby-Dophilus.

    If any of your other darlings have trouble with constipation, try the probiotics with them too (or any time somebody is on an antibiotic). It works wonders. No flavor, just sprinkle it on food or drink. Find it at a Health food store (call first to see if they have it or something similar) or online.

    Hope Micah's rash settles down!

  2. oh pish posh disposable diapers! get you some cloth! lol. I am totally a cloth girl. and I really LIKE changing diapers on MY babies. other kids not so much lol. but now I have all these kids who are completely trained and all these lovely cloth diapers and no one to wear them. I guess it could be worse, you could be moving to kenya. = ) glad your little one is getting better. poor guy.

  3. Praise God!

    With our son Tommy we eventually got him tested (and he was positive) for polysaccaride antibody deficiency syndrome. Which means he has no antibodies to fight off strep or pneumonia. And he has both, often. So he is on prophylactic antibiotics to ward these off during the winter months. I may have told you this before, but couldn't remember. Tommy also has Hirschsprung's disease and when on antibiotics he gets really poopy. We use Ilex cream on his bum to create a barrier, Probiotic powder ontop of yogurt twice a day, and banannnas non stop to firm him up. Ideas for ya. I'm always reading your blog and just love where your heart is. You are an inspiration! Truely the arms and legs of Christ.