Monday, January 25, 2010

Micah's back!

He's back, and it's so great to see him really feeling better and showing his true self again! His whiney little spirit that prevailed the last few months is GONE!

Last night he got a bath and then I decided I was going to buzz his head. Believe it or not... he looked around my bathroom mirrors and was so excited to be in there! Then I turned on the buzzer, let him feel it and... he didn't freak out! In fact, he loved it!! This is a 180 from just 2 haircuts ago (and the reason his hair got so long this time!). Then he got to go back in the tub when the girls were done so that was even better! He LOVES the tub.

Micah now has 3 words he's saying regularly- Bye bye (more like bah bah), Go go go go go go, and baby (said bay BEEE). He's also signing shoes and sicks, more, all done, and waving bye bye (with his thumb tucked in LOL). We had him self-feeding on Friday and he ate a majority of a bowl of yogurt with the help of a spoon, his fists, and of course his tongue licking everything. He also got a yogurt facial and hair treatment. It's good for the skin like a milk bath, right?

Now... to work on getting him back into school-- SAFELY. There are several concerns we've had in the past that I've talked with his teacher about and they've "made due" in the room to take care of them. He is safe. But it is NOT easy and he is not participating as much as he can/should be. So I've drafted a nice little letter asking for an IEP meeing to have a 1:1 with him. Some of my concerns:
  • Safety in the classroom- he'll walk out doors, climbs the stairs to the sink
  • Safety in hallways and playground- needs a hand held at all times in halls and will walk right off raised platforms at the playground
  • Redirect his licking behavior which has caused him to miss a LOT of school
  • Feed him and work on self-feeding skills
  • Sit with him and redirect to help him sit and participate in circle and reading times- right now he wanders a lot
  • Watch his liquid intake- he's aspirated once this school year already
  • Help address his behavior of taking off his shoes and socks continuously
  • Overall help Micah to participate in the learning environment with his peers in an appropriate way, supporting him so he can be safe and function in the classroom.
Now to await an IEP meeting.


  1. We also have a problem with the removal of shoes at school. The only thing that has worked for us are Converse Hightops which are difficult to get off. Or you could try duct tape LOL.

  2. I'm staying tuned for the IEP. Micah is SO MUCH like our Tommy.