Sunday, January 03, 2010

Meet ups!

One of the fun things about living near Orlando is that lots of people visit here :)  And I have had the pleasure of meeting so many families who I’d previously known only in the world of the Internet.  Until I meet someone in “real life” I feel like I know them but they’re pseudo friends.  You know, pretend ones that are kind of like real people since we’d never actually MET!

On Friday my parents accompanied me and the kids to Give Kids the World to meet Lou and Stewart, proud parents of twenty.  With them were their 5 youngest for their newest daughter’s Make a Wish trip!  Mattea was adopted from Ukraine almost a year ago and has the same heart defect that Emma had, but she was older when adopted and not able to have the surgery.  Thankfully she’s in MUCH better shape than Emma was and she has a good long life ahead of her with two loving parents and lots of siblings!

Here we are with our Ukrainian sweethearts (and little “Bubs” that was checking his dad out pretty well! LOL



The very next day we were blessed by another set of company!


Cathy is currently adopting a little sweetheart and is one of the families I’ve had the privilege of helping through the process.  She and her husband Tully and son Evan came and spent an hour or so with us while they were driving up the Florida coast. 


Our boys hit it off pretty good too!  Evan is a year younger than Kristopher but he sure held his own just fine and the boys enjoyed chasing each other all over the house :)

It was so nice to meet both of these sweet families (somehow Tully avoided all the pictures… hmm) and getting to know them a little better!


  1. It is just as fun for us to connect with you in person,you are so welcoming and flexible. Thank you for being available!

  2. Oh CATHY! Meredith you are fortunate to live where everyone can visit. I guess I shall have to be a pseudo friend for awhile. Not seeing a trip to the US anytime soon :(

    But it was nice to see Mattea's family and Cathy! I would love to get to meet everyone!


  3. FUN! Darn, doesnt' anyone drive through Kansas? ;)