Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just to clarify...

My friend and myself are both still very strong advocates for the adoption and "rescue" of children with Down syndrome abroad. When we say that we cannot advocate for them and ignore those in our backyards, we say it because we ARE advocating for those abroad but we will not simultaneously ignore those around us as well. As we look at the awful conditions abroad and such high eeds there, we also recognize that when a child comes up that is right here and we can help them out, we will not turn down that opportunity or say it is any less need than those abroad.

ALL children deserve a home and a family. ALL children deserve love.

In case you wondered... (which I'm pretty sure you didn't, because you all know how passionate I am about those little RR sweethearts making it home before they end up in mental institutions..)


  1. So excited for you! God is truly blessing your family. I did want to mention something that might be helpful for you or for other readers. There may actually be more kids with DS in the system than we realize. We had a social worker tell us that, sadly, some case workers don't even bother to list kids with certain special needs because they don't think they'll ever find a family. So, if for some reason this falls through (and I pray it doesn't!) ask your SW to spread the word that you're open to adopting a child with DS. It's possible that there are other kids there in your state who aren't listed.

    Praying that God works everything out for you.