Sunday, January 17, 2010


72, breezy, clear skies, and perfect. This is January in Florida.

Lynae, Kristopher, Michael and I are outside while Emma, Micah, and Brianna are resting. Kristopher's on his bike, Michael's on the roof taking down the Christmas lights, and Lynae's hanging out in her little bed next to me.

Loving Wifi.

Loving Florida :)


  1. I love it, too, for the same reasons!! ...I only wish I could convince Mark that it was better than freezing...!!!

  2. Ok, I'll try not to be jealous regarding your weather. Believe me, I WON'T be jealous any other time of the year, only in winter. I love spring and fall, even our summer is too hot for me in NY. The heat and I are NOT friends, but the 70's are perfect.

    Hope you enjoyed your day.

  3. oh, you're nasty and you're rubbing it in too! What I would give for 72 degree weather, and Florida with it's sun and sand and palm tree's.... I really should make different choices in my life :)