Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's up?

A very wise friend of ours said something to me that really did a great job of summing up Mike's and my feelings about orphans. She said "I can't advocate for the adoption of children with special needs abroad- specifically those with Down syndrome- and ignore a child in my own back yard that's also living in the "system". "

You see, as much as there is a HUGE need for international adoption, there is definitely a need for adoption here within the US as well. When we started our adoption of Emma and Micah, we fully intended to do a domestic adoption. Then we learned a few things and we also felt strongly called to Ukraine. What we learned was that US born infants with Down syndrome are usually pretty 'easy' to place and there is a waiting list of up to 200 families at a time wanting to adopt an infant with Ds! This is WONDERFUL!!! Also, there are not often children in the US Foster System with Ds. It just isn't something that you come across too often. And of course we learned of the fate of the children abroad.

So we went to Ukraine, we brought home the children God brought into our lives, we came home, had another baby and here we are. God has FIRMLY closed the door for international adoption for our family and we do not even qualify at this time according to US guidelines. But the knowledge that we continue to advocate for the adoption of children with Ds and other special needs continues to make me think and wonder--- who is there in my back yard??

We did NOT intend to add to our family quite this quickly... in fact I'm kind of surprised how open we both are to it with Lynae being just 4 months old. But we both feel confirmation that we should continue to put one foot in front of the other until God closes the doors.

Tomorrow we will start the state-mandated MAPP classes in order to pursue a domestic adoption through the FL foster care system. We actually decided this several days ago and took that step.

God's working in all different ways, though, and yesterday He asked us not to let money get in the way of what He is asking us to do. And when we said YES, we meant YES. You see, there's a child that is available and that caught our eye just a few days after we told God yes. After Mike was in Kenya (ok, so he caught MY eye LOL). We went forward with inquiries and determined that we believe he would be a good fit in our family and both Michael and I said that we don't feel there's any reason to say "no".

Just a few days ago we were told we needed to have private representation at this upcoming meeting to even see whether we would be chosen to parent this child. Private representation = $$. And we have NO IDEA whether we will be chosen or not-- there are several other people that have put their homestudies into the pot as well.

There's only one reason we wouldn't pursue this child. Money. If we don't pursue this child, our entire adoption would likely be at no cost to us. If we do, it will cost a pretty significant amount (for us-- no comparison to international costs though!). So do we step forward and get a private homestudy? Or do we 'pass' since it's nowhere near a sure thing and assume that God has someone else for this child... and someone else for our family? The only difference is whether we put in the money.

Since the only thing that was stopping us was money, that decision took no time at all. We will not allow money to make our decisions for us! And so... I called to schedule our homestudy. A private one. Which we will pay for. And guess what?

God happened.

Our social worker gave us a significant discount because he believes in what we're doing. We said YES. God took care of it. Well, part of it anyway... and there's no doubt He'll care for the rest!

Then today. What about the prayer request today?? There was a time period in there that another "thing" happened which had the potential to stop us from pursuing this child again. And we accepted that if the answer was yes, then we would continue forward. And if it was no, then we would continue with the classes and homestudy, but knowing that we would not be getting that child. A very TIGHT time frame was put on us to get the homestudy visit in because this child will be matched soon and we need to be represented at that specific meeting.

So I called our social worker.

I got a call back when I was out.

I returned their call.

Then I waited 2 hours and called them again :) A classic case of phone tag. Who ever said patience was a strong point of mine? LOL

And Monday night is our homestudy visit.

God Prevails. That was our wide open door.

Do we feel secure that this specific child is who God has for us? Not entirely. We would be thrilled if it is. But if it is not, we know that God has used him as the catalyst that got us walking through the doors that He opened for us.

We don't know where this is going. We won't pretend to have the answers.

But we are excited to see what God has next, and we are following with open arms... open eyes... open hearts.

Please continue to keep us in prayer as we learn what God's plans are for our family and how He intends to use this situation. The best things in life have always been the ones that God laid out for us!


  1. I continue to be amazed at how God works through each and every one of us, in each other's lives... God is truly awesome! I'm so thankful I'm a Christian!

  2. YES! God *is* amazing! The Lord did the exact same thing with us....opened doors and then waited for us to decide if we would be willing to follow Him through them, even though we had no idea where they'd lead us. Some of those doors didn't lead *directly* to the children we eventually adopted, but they still achieved their intended purpose...that of softening our hearts to accept His will no matter what, and leading us *toward* the children we adopted. Without those "near matches", we might never have found our angels.

    Praying the Lord will lead you to the perfect situation for your family! Who knows, you may catch up to us yet. ;)


  3. Wow! How exciting. Praying for open doors.

  4. I'm very excited for you to walk the unknown with God and to watch your family grow =).

  5. Just today a HUGE God thing happened for me. I cannot for the life of me figure out why I'm so amazed when He does what He does. I should know better by now and not be surprised!!
    Allison in Texas

  6. Oh I will be praying! How exciting!!!!

  7. Meredith and family,
    I am so excited to read what God continues to do in you, through you, and around you! I know he will do above and beyond what you could ever imagine. Blessings on all of you today, praying for HIS peace and wisdom too!

  8. Congratulations on your decision. I know it will work out the way it should. How wonderful to be open and just 'be' while God works in your life!!!


  9. YAY! We are so excited to see the amazing things the Lord is doing in your family and we can't wait to see who the next Cornish will be! Continued prayers that all will go exactly according to God's plan!

  10. THis is wonderful news Meredith! May God continue to open doors wide open!

  11. We are excited for you!
    And praying! We hope the homestudy goes well..

    Love, The Adamsons

  12. You guys are truly amazing, Meredith. I am so in awe of what you and your family are doing. This is so exciting! Congratulations in advance, and I'm hoping for a speedy process!

  13. That is awesome. Prayers for you and your family.

  14. Hi Meredith!
    I have been having a hard time keeping up with blogging lately - so I had to read back a couple of weeks to catch up with you! Congratulations on the wonderful new adventure you are on! You guys are just awesome!

    ps- Happy Birthday to you!