Sunday, January 03, 2010

The memorable birthday

It's not what I was thinking when I wanted to have a memorable birthday for Brianna. I was really thinking that the ZOO would be the memorable part! We were given a year's membership to the local zoo for Christmas from my sister. So I set out with the 5 kids to enjoy this adventure. We spent about 3 hours there. Saw all kinds of neat animals. Brianna walked the entire time and loved looking at and signing all the animals. Emma sat forward in the stroller and was engaged and looked at a lot of the animals! Kristopher ran and played and was NICE to everyone and enjoyed himself. Micah stayed AWAKE and looked at all the different animals and reached for every fence so he could have a closer look. And Lynae slept most of the time and only fussed for a pacifier occasionally.

It was a high of 51 today... a pretty cold day for central FL. But we really had a GREAT TIME at the zoo! Even with 5:1 :)

Then... we got on the Interstate to come home and I was rear ended. Going about 74 mph. The guy that hit me had to have been going in the 90s. He bumped HARD. And his car reflected that! Mine, thankfully, is a true tank. Only a few scratches on the bumper. Everyone is fine, thankfully! I changed lanes when this guy was about 1/2-3/4 of a mile away and he must not have been paying any attention. He claims to have slammed on the brakes (obviously a while after I'd changed lanes!) and he still may have totaled his car. It wasn't drivable. I will say, he was very nice about it all. But... he still hit my car with 5 kids in it going 90 mph. And I was NOT a happy camper.

A call to FHP and about 30 minutes later and I was on my way with an accident report saying damage to my car is around $1000 and he was charged with the accident.

I'm VERY thankful that no one was hurt! It could have been REALLY bad if I had even been in our other van. I'm thankful for my tank!

God is good... all the time!

I have some pictures from the zoo trip before my battery died :0) Will try to post those after the kids are in bed tonight!


  1. So glad you all are ok! Thank God!

  2. I am so glad you are OK! It might look like there's no damage, but your subframe to your van could be bent and damaged. Make sure and have a good collision center check it out if you can just to make sure. Praying no one has any lasting ouchies from it. Do you have to replace all your carseats because they were in a crash now?

  3. Thank God you are all okay, that sounds pretty scary!! I agree with Shari though, make sure you have a collision specialist look to make sure nothing hidden is damaged!

  4. How scary! So glad you had some angels watching over you guys!

  5. YIKES!!! So glad you are all okay!! I'll bet you were really shaken up - to be hit going that fast!!

  6. oh how scarry! Good to hear that everyone is ok. Since your kids are all still in car seats check with the manufacturer on replacing seats after a crash, your insurance should cover it.