Friday, May 08, 2009

Yay for blueberries!

Today started off with a BANG. I sprang out of bed to the sound of Emma SCREAMING. This little one doesn't cry much, so her crying like this was obvious something was VERY wrong. I got to her bedroom and found her standing in her crib on the side by the wall with her arm caught between the crib and the wall. She couldn't stay up well, couldn't get her arm out (stuck above the elbow) and was obviously scared.

I brought her out to the couch and held her for a good 10 minutes before she started to calm down from the manic cry she was in and start to use her arm to play. She was fine, but it shook her up for sure.

I'd been up at 5 to help Kristopher get to the bathroom since he decided to lay in bed and cry half-awake instead of get up himself... and he'd woken Micah as well. I moved Micah to the guest room playpen and he was happy as a clam to go back to sleep there (he naps in there so it's familiar turf for him).

So after freeing Emma and calming her I went to get Micah up. I'd heard him stirring around in there but happy. I went to open the door and it didn't quite open all the way. Then I looked at Micah and realized he had a kids' Memory game, a book, a few random playing cards, and a puzzle in his playpen. Nothing that he could actually REACH (the playpen's moved away from all surfaces because Emma has LONG arms and uses that playpen occasionally... until she started climbing out and falling anyway...). It wasn't but a second later I heard it. From the closet. A little BOY!

Yes, my little visitor friend managed to get out of his bed (not sure how still), out of his bedroom (must have been left open at the 5am visit?) out of the kids' room hallway where generally there's a gate closed (again, left open at 5am?) and into the guest room (see a pattern? I guess I left them ALL open!) and of course, he closed all the doors behind him. He tends to do that :) Needless to say, that room is now TRASHED! But yes, it is baby proof... it's all toys/books/empty bins and such that are in there, they're just a little more... liberally placed now. :) And our little friend is not at all malicious to the other kids, so no worries there-- the boys are usually in the same room anyway. Just, well, not THAT room!

So... little man went back to his bed for a few minutes to know that he needs to wait for us to get him out of his room. At least that is the point I was TRYING to make... not sure if it worked or not. I got the other kids up and went back and got him up too and we all started our day :)

We had a lazy morning, a little later breakfast (not 7:00am!) and got dressed after playing for a while around TEN THIRTY! YIKES! :) Then lunch for everyone and naps for 3 of the kids. After naps Mike's mom came over and I took my little friend and we went to Wal-Mart to get groceries, food for a bbq on Sunday, and some crackers and cheese for a baby shower I'm going to tomorrow. I think I got everything... I hope. When we finished I called Mike and he got off a few minutes early to come home.

And we went BLUEBERRY PICKING! We just brought the 3 kids that walk this time. Two on three in rows and rows of blueberries was enough. The stroller would have been tough to get around and I'm sure the two that stayed with Grandma had more fun with grandma then they would have in the stroller anyway :)

But we had fun! Kristopher LOVED it! We were there about an hour and he didn't want to leave. Brianna was doing great picking out the blue ones when we'd show her a cluster of berries and she'd pick them and put them in the bucket. Our little friend, well, to say he didn't 'appreciate' the experience would be an understatement. He wasn't very happy about the entire encounter. We aren't leaving him with anyone, though, and we wanted Kristopher and Brianna to get to go pick... so he came along! He survived :) So did we... it was one hour of our lives and though he didn't enjoy it, it was still worthwhile to the rest of the crew and he was giggling in the car by the time we were going home... so I'm sure we're forgiven! LOL Plus he does like blueberries... :)

I just finished eating a bowl of blueberries floating in milk with just a bit of sugar. YUM. And my fruit salad on Sunday will be laced with blueberries. And I think some blueberry cobbler is in the near future!

All in all it was a good day. Emma and Micah had a good time with Grandma (and Grandpa came by too) and our little friend had some good one on one time with me at the grocery store, and Kristopher and Brianna had a great time picking blueberries. Kristopher got to finish out the day with a project and a movie in our bed and went to bed LATE! 9:40!! His usual bedtime is 7 or 8 :) He loved every minute of it!

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  1. Hey, where did you go to pick? There's a place in Mims to do that, but I always forget, or they're closed, or whatever. Is there a place in Titusville??