Monday, May 11, 2009

Sick sick sick and, sick...

Last Friday (a week and more ago) our little visitor got a thick goopy nose for a few days. It cleared up with just some nasal spray his mom had anticipated and sent along.

Monday Brianna started in with the nose. Then goopy eyes. Then a low-grade fever. Then a draining ear. She went to the ped on Thursday and is on anti's for the ear, but it's likely all viral other than that...

Saturday Micah started. Nose. Eyes. Fever. Ear. I've been doing drops in his ear but will probably call tomorrow to see our REGULAR pediatrician as soon as she has an available appointment... the dr we saw with Brianna is not one that I care to revisit. Already knew that, but... she was on the day we needed to get in.

And yesterday Emma's nose started to run. No eyes, no fever, no ears, but I'm afraid all that might not be far off for her either.

Last night I woke several times during the night with a very sore throat. It's tolerable during the day, I'll live, but man, that's 5 out of 7 of us AND...

Brianna has still been running a low-grade fever on and off and this would be day 7. Micah's on day 3 and no sign of improvement. Emma's getting tired today, hoping she's not on her way down. And me, well, I have 5 kids and a 6th that is requiring even more of my body than those 5 are, I can't get sick!!

So that's where we've been, what we've been up to... aside from the regular runnings of life, we've been wiping boogers, doing saline spray and nasal aspirators, ear drops, antibiotics, and all that fun fun stuff. We've not done any therapies or school outside the house since last Monday except for Kristopher, and last week Micah went. And none of the little ones are going back to school tomorrow either. This week is the last 2 days of the tues/thurs morning program Brianna and Micah go to... looks like they just might miss it all...

I hope this runs its course quickly!!


  1. Random question for you. With this adoption respite that you are doing for your friend, how long is your little friend staying with your family, and does his family stay in touch with him, or are they basically just taking a while off with no strings attached? Just wondering how this works. Thanks!

  2. Sounds like our house. Hope you guys feel better soon!