Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maximizing Nap time...

You know what that is, of course...

It's when you start putting kids down for naps based on how long they sleep. The 2-3 hour napper (that still sleeps at night therefore is allowed to sleep that long... Micah) goes down first. He gets lunch first, he goes down first, he usually gets up last!

And the 90 minute napper, he's the one that won't go to sleep if he's had a longer nap than that, our little visitor, is soon to follow him and when that 90 minutes is up we go in for a very gentle waking. To ensure the afternoon still goes ok :)

Then last to go down to nap is the child that will sit and play in her bed for about 45 minutes and then might take a 45 minute nap after that... usually... and so she can play while the other two are getting situated and get to be the last in bed for nap time. That would be Brianna.

Then Emma, who doesn't nap, gets the last round of lunch, and often times after the other kids are napping, because that way, look at that! all four little ones are contained for a time!

Kristopher watches a movie and does art projects usually... can't complain, he's generally good at nap time ;)

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  1. and you need to gargle and lay down too. love, Mom