Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little boys

The three little boys in this house keep me very busy! And yet I love each one of them.

The youngest of the crew, Micah, is very sick right now. He looks like he's been punched in the eye, poor little guy... His eyes are draining, nose is draining, and it's all he can do to not wipe snot all over his entire face using the backs of his fists... Why? I don't know, but he must have itchy eyes or something because the poor little guy is miserable. Fever has gone down though, but his ear is still a bit gross. Along with the rest of his adorably miserable face. I hope he feels better soon!

The 'middle boy' is our little visitor. He's a sweet little guy, and let me tell you, he is SMART! He sets his mind to something and he's going to figure it out. Not only that, but if he gets caught in it (since for some reason his things he really wants to figure out are generally not things he's supposed to be doing... such a boy LOL), he will then figure out a way to do it and 'get away with it'! For instance, he's been trying since day 1 at our home to get out of his bed. Not a big deal, except, well, I shared earlier about what he got in to when he's not in bed and not supervised... So yes, we close the boys' bedroom door now so that when he gets out of bed he is safe, as is our home :). We 'fixed' the problem and he was no longer able to lift the wooden bedrail to get under it. Now we're not sure how he's figured out how to get out of bed, but he IS! He was out this morning, out after nap, and he has gotten out of bed twice tonight too. But that's not all! The first time he got out of bed he was so excited! So he ran right out of his room and right out of the hallway and right into ME! :) I was waiting :) Back to bed! The second time he decided to quietly play in his room! I'm pretty sure he was in there playing for some time before I noticed the nightlight flashing and put him back in bed again (he was mesmorized by the light! No worries, it's kid-proof and actually PART of the outlet cover!). Smart little guy... the bedroom door gets closed after he's aslee. You know, so I can tell he's asleep IN BED!

And my oldest son, sweet Kristopher, he is really trying today! I'm SO GLAD! Some days I think wow, he's got SOME ENERGY and there's just no way for hm to go anywhere or do anything without finding a way to get into trouble. But today... He played with K'nex at the dining room table, played with Playdough at the kitchen table, and cleaned them both up after playing with them! Then, since he'd had a good day I suggested at about 4:45 that if he could clean the playroom up before Daddy got home, I bet Daddy would bring just him out for a special pizza dinner at Pizza Hut with his 'coupon' from school (except our Pizza Huts don't ACCEPT those things, so why do they do Book It at schools here???). I honestly didn't think he'd do it. I thought, well, he's going to be mad when it doesn't happen after he goes on the porch and plays. Maybe I should have just taken it as a good day and let him go out with Mike to eat. I didn't supervise, but did remind him a time or two- "are you cleaning up? Dad's on his way home!" Would you know... when Mike walked in the front door, Kristopher was putting the last 5 ball pit balls into the pit and had cleaned up all the toys! I am so proud of him! So, coupon use or not, they went out for a nice pizza dinner while E,B,M and little man and I had waffles for dinner and they all got a nice warm bath and PJs.

Some days I'm amazed at the children that God has placed in my home for me to have some impact on...and for them to impact me. Whether it started before their birth, at a year or 5 old, or whether they're just here for a time with us. God has blessed us abundantly and these three little busy boys are such a blessing!

I have had some questions about our visitor and here's what I'm comfortable sharing right now...
  • This little guy's parents are not local to us so they don't visit with us and haven't seen him since he arrived, but we do e-mail back and forth every day or three and they are in touch with everything that's going on in his life.
  • No, we are not adopting him, and no that is not his situation :)
  • Yes, he will likely return home and we have a general idea of a timeline
  • Yes, there were more questions than that, and no, I'll not be sharing those answers right now :)


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  2. I have to say Meredith that I am really glad that you took this little boy in. But VERY sad for his parents. I am glad they are doing what they thought was right, but it must be very confusing for that little boy, and to be honest seems selfish of them, however no one knows what is going on and that I can respect. I would love to have him here, as I am sure you do, it just seems very odd. However, I trust God has the right plan. I pray that his parents get whatever it is they were looking for out of this. Most of all I pray for that little boy. I pray he can find a loving home, where he will have a "forever" home!
    Hope I haven't stepped on toes, I just find the situation very strange, but am not judging, just worried about what you describe to be a BEAUTIFUL sweet and smart little boy!