Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Micah has Pneumonia

Yep, after being up until 2am doing nebulizer treatments because Micah wasn't breathing well, then sleeping a hint here and a hint there on the couch while comforting the boy that still wasn't breathing great and wasn't a happy camper on the beanbag next to me... I got pieces and parts of sleep over the next 3 hours, maybe an hour total in small increments. At 5 I brought Micah to bed and he was doing ok.

Then Emma started banging around in her crib. I kicked Mike out for that one around 5:15... and again at 5:30. She'll konk her head on the crib side when she's trying to go to sleep and she's rocking. At 6:30 Kristopher was up, our friend was out of his bed (in his bedroom), and Micah was crying. So there wasn't much sleep for me yesterday.

Brianna went back to school today with just a runny nose. Her fever, ear infection, and goopy eyes have cleared up and she's been on anti's for 5 days. This thing has been going on for 8 now! Poor thing!

I took Emma, Micah, and our visitor to the pediatrician. An hour and a half later Micah's got 3 scripts... a strong antibiotic, eye drops, and more albuterol for the nebulizer. Poor thing, he has pneumonia, two ear infections, and an infection that's coming out his eyes, nose, and ears all at the same time :(. His sats are usually 100% and were at 94. The thought was to hospitalize him, but they decided to try again and by then he was screaming and his SATS were up to par :) Crying does good things for your SATS! So we got to come home and we'll fight it out here.

Emma and I laid on the couch and watched Kung Fu Panda while Kristopher watched it for 'rest time' and all the little ones are sleeping still. Emma's a bit run down as well and has a green boogy nose. So she didn't go to therapies today either. I hope hers doesn't progress as much as the other two's have and doesn't sick around as long either!

Please pray for Micah, we want to treat at home as much as possible, but also need to know when it's time to bring him back in if it's necessary. He's prone to pneumonia but doesn't usually have all this with it :(


  1. Hopefully now that he is a little older it will be easier to treat and he will recover faster, I know that is how it has been with William. You are in my thoughts and prayers

  2. Praying for quick healing for all. And peaceful sleep for all as well.

  3. Oh, Meredith, he looks miserable! I am so sorry. Praying for a fast recovery! Sure hope you all get some sleep tonight.


  4. Oh, Meredith, wish I wasn't way up here in PA...I would so be there to give you a hand. Praying for your little one and for some rest for you.

  5. I have been on a blog break, i did not know everyone had been sick, prayers for everyine to return health soon.

  6. poor guy. Hope he gets to feeling better soon.