Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sleep is over rated

7:00- bedtime for 3 kids minus Kristopher and Micah
breathing treatment for Micah (then to bed)
short video for Kristopher and time with Mom and Dad
8:00- check on boys to make sure they're asleep
8:30- send Kristopher off to bed
9:30- sit in with Brianna, her antibiotics are keeping her awake and she was upset and tired but unable to sleep at this point
12:00-get woken up to go to bed, sleeping on the floor in the girls' room is way over rated when you're pregnant
1:00- get Mike to do something with the dog that's frantically barking at some nighttime animal
1:45- I don't remember what needed attention- dog again? But I got Mike to take care of it :)
4:00- Listening to bang.... bang.... bang.... on the monitor. Sure it's nothing but still it's keeping me awake, I venture to the boys' room to find our friend wandering around the room banging things, WIDE AWAKE.
4:10, 4:20, 4:30, 4:50- get little boy back to his bed and to do so quietly without laying there giggling and waking up the other kids
5:15- get up and move Emma away from the side of her bed. She's somewhat awake and rocking and hitting her head on the rail
5:25- repeat procedure with Emma. Realize she's congested and that's probably why she's not sleeping well.
6:00- listen to Micah waking and requesting food (isn't it a bit early for that?) and ignore it for a few to see if he'll go back to sleep
6:30- didn't last too long, M's at it again.
6:45- up and at 'em, I hear 4 voices. I wonder why our friend is still tired? Oh, yes, his early morning romp... he's getting up too!

Thankfully I was able to lay back down after every one of those interruptions.

One day soon my kids will be well and not need me in the middle of the night. Before we know it they'll be old enough that they don't need mommy to snuggle them or calm them.

And then I'll miss the nights where I was able to comfort and rock them. I'll sleep when the kids are grown :)

(though amazingly I do feel pretty rested even with all the interruptions last night. Weird, but nice :) ).


  1. You poor thing! But, you have such a great attitude! Yes-they do grow up WAY TOO quickly!

    They are just getting you ready to be up for late-night feedings, huh?

    Love, Paula

  2. Wow- what a rough night!
    I think you should give your visitor a blog name- like buddy
    or something - it would make it easier for you to blog about him.