Sunday, May 17, 2009

The art of husbandry...

We've been married for almost 8 years now, and I have to say first that yes, I'm just as much (and MORE) in love with my husband today than I was 8 years ago and even 11 1/2 years ago when we first started dating :)

Now, that was the preface to the rest of the post...

This dear, sweet, loving husband of mine was watching TV on on Mother's Day and ever so kindly called me over to watch some clips he thought were funny. Though neither of us like this TV show because it is both rude and, well, not something that we agree with, this was in a list of "Mother's Day picks" on Hulu and we watched the one minute and 16 second clip, thought "well, yep, kinda funny, and yes, that's why we don't watch that show" and went on with life. (posted below)

But this morning... well, let's just say Mike was trying to make up for not being around at all lately and when he was around- not being particularly... helpful... with the kids this last several days. I hadn't complained, much... (does putting Brianna on the bed and turning the light on at 7am and telling him "4 kids are up, goodmorning!" count as complaining?) but he somehow realized that caring for 5 kids, several of whom were sick and grumpy and had faucet noses and myself being pregnant, a bit more tired than usual, and not feeling on top of the world myself for a few of those days, well, it's a lot of work!

And so he got the grand idea that I could go take my shower this morning since he didn't exactly have to RUSH out the door to be back up at the church by 10. I took him up on that and even thanked him for it because that meant, of course, that he was going to get all the kids dressed while I was in the shower, right?

Um... right... Did I set out clothes for them? Nope, here's where to find clothes that will fit each kid. And off I went.

So, he comes in while I'm showering to ask me where to find shorts for the girls. I tell him again, bottom drawer of the dresser or on top of the dresser. I get out of the shower and I see Emma in Brianna's capris. Isn't it a bit, HOT for that? And, how did you fit her into 18 months pants? Did they fit over her hips? (she wears smaller size shorts, but pants and capris she wears a 2t or 3t)

Then Brianna comes out of her room. Wearing LONG PANTS? It's 95 degrees out here. Long pants are only worn if there's no possible way to wear shorts and capris really are only for days that the shorts are in the wash (oh, wait, that's mine-- the girls have plenty of shorts ;) ).

It ended up that he "couldn't find shorts". So we walked into the bedroom, opened the bottom drawer, and found it filled with shorts- way more shorts than I believe are necessary, in fact, to the point that I should go through them and figure out which ones will really be worn and thin it out a bit. But regardless, there were plenty to choose from. "I wanted jean shorts and couldn't find them." So on top of the dresser we go. Jean shorts for Emma, Khaki for Brianna. Quick and easy. Hmm...

We changed the girls (hey, at least he stuck around to help change them, right?) and I reminded him that if he was trying to find a way for me to not ask him to get the kids dressed again, his plan wasn't working... in fact, I think he just needed more practice! We both laughed it off, glad that 4 of the kids were dressed (one was eating... again...) and he went to take his shower :)

Ok, now I'm posting this clip here because it sparked the entire conversation and was too funny considering the circumstances. But I will say I don't like this show, don't watch this show, and if you think you might be offended, well, practice some self-control and don't watch it :)


  1. Oh my, Meredith, that was like watching my husband AND my dad. ARRGGHHHH!!!

  2. id love to know what show you're talking about unfotunatly hulu wont stream outside the US so im clueless right now

  3. Hmmm only allowed if you live in the US. Hulu won't work in the UK. :(

  4. oh yea, I can relate to that. Way funny!

  5. That's a hoot! Thanks for the laugh.

  6. I so understand!! My hubby loves Family Guy.

  7. same story here, but here we have only ONE KID.

  8. Ah men, I hang the girls clothes in outfits to solve that, Meghans on the left, Kara in the middle, Amanda on the right, and he never remembers which side their clothes are on? I even have their picture above the row...I give up. I am with you with Family Guy, but the clip was funny.