Thursday, May 21, 2009

Change is in the air!!


Maybe not officially on the calendar, but at our house it is!

First off, the every-day rains have set in (tho right now they're ALL DAY not just in the afternoons like they will be soon.... but we do need the rain!).

Second, yesterday was Kristopher's last day of Pre-K!

Today will be Emma's last day of "regular" school but she will continue to have her teacher come out to the house one hour a week during the month of June for Extended School Year (ESY).

Last week ended Kids' Adventure Days (KAD) at our church, which is like a Mom's Morning Out program that Brianna and Micah both attended 2 mornings a week. My kids missed the last week (Brianna 2 weeks) because they were sick :(

And the 'real' end to the school year comes on Monday when Brianna and Emma both have their last day in public school. Brianna's K-3 class is having a 'water party' that day and Emma has two therapies that she'll go to.

In addition to all of the different schools finishing up for the summer, our little visitor is headed home this weekend.

So... the busyness of our home is about to be cut down dramatically in so many ways all at the same time. I always look forward to the summer break, but this is the first year that any of my kids have had "real" school outside of just KAD, so this year even moreso I'm anticipating the wonderful lack of schedules for most of the week and just having a few therapies for Emma and Micah that will continue for the summer.

Micah will have his OT eval tonight... which we know he qualifies for... so he'll probably have 30 minutes a week at the house for OT when that is set up. He will continue with his 30 min of ST at the house as well and Emma piggy-backs her private ST on to that since they're already at the house so we don't have to go to the Center for hers. Then Emma will have 2 PT sessions each week for 45 minutes each. Most of these will be at the center, but our PT will be coming out periodically to keep up Micah's services, so when she comes to the home for him, she'll also see Emma at the house.

I'm also looking forward to a long weekend in Minnisota in a few weeks and our church summer "daycamp", Summer CHAOS that will kick off in mid-June. This is what we do in place of a VBS type of program and this is the 5th year we've done it. I'll try to make a separate post about it soon, it's a GREAT program that has been a lot of fun!

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