Saturday, May 02, 2009

Email goofup, Hotmail, and other things...

My email goofed up. I thought there was a major problem, full mailbox or something like that (though it didn't seem to be that full). Basically, everyone on my email contacts that had contacted me in the last week or so got sent to the blocked senders list!

So if you've emailed me in the last 48 hours or so (since around 3pm on Thursday afternoon) and I haven't already replied to your message, I didn't receive it!

Please resend! Sorry for the inconvenience!!


Hotmail- I got it working with my Outlook 2003 and was able to move the folders that are older but I didn't want to just delete and make them local on my computer. Much better :) Now my account on Hotmail is much cleaner. Yesterday I'd tried this and couldn't get it to work... until I sent a message from Outlook, then it ALL WORKED :) Yay :)


We spent the morning in the pool today. Kristopher, Emma, and Micah LOVED it. Our visitor loved it for about 30 minutes then was done. And Brianna wasn't so sure about it, but didn't want to get out either... She just wasn't really excited about being in the water like the other kids were.

The pool is 79 degrees, which still feels COLD! LOL We're going to install a solar heater shortly. I think that's why Brianna and our friend weren't so excited about the water. Compared to the 83 outside it didn't feel warm AT ALL. And none of the little ones are really active enough in the water to warm themselves up. Emma and Brianna were both pretty cold by the time they got out, but it didn't bother Emma even a little bit! She just loves the water :)

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