Saturday, May 16, 2009


I feel accomplished! :)

My parents and my brother came over today. Mike was gone all morning, but my brother finished pressure washing the pool deck, my dad did some major weed pulling like taking vines out of the 'island' of trees separating our yard from our neighbors, and my mom watched the kids and helped with dishes and laundry.

What did I do? I locked myself in the back bedroom and CLEANED IT! It is now ready for company, AND the kids can get to their toys again :) It hadn't been touched since it was destroyed and it hadn't looked too great before that, so this is a HUGE improvement.

When Mike did come home he brought burgers and fries for everyone and we all took a break. Then I tackled the master bedroom and bathroom! It was LONG overdue! Now all the laundry is done (well, washed anyway), dishes are clean, and the only rooms left to clean are the kids' rooms and 2 bathrooms-- all of which I can do with the kids hanging out next to me and really they get done pretty often. It was the two rooms that the kids don't really go in that I couldn't get clean with 10 hands "unhelping" :)

Maybe I'll post some pics later... if I can take pics before anyone "gets to" those rooms! You know... when I have time... after bed!

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