Friday, May 15, 2009

A better night!

Last night our only wake-up call was around 10:30 with Micah needing the breathing treatment that Mike, um... forgot, when he put him down for bed (I went grocery shopping as soon as the kids were all ready for bed). So midnight I got to go to bed and it was 6:30 before Emma started honking (coughing) in her bed and Micah fussing to get up in his.

Not too bad!!

Today Micah's nose is not nearly as runny, but Brianna's and Emma's are. He's on a strong anti, eye drops, and neb treatments... I guess all that together is doing a pretty good job. Bria's just on an anti and has been for a LONG time, but still has the goober nose. And Emma's not medicated aside from OTC stuff but other than a cough and runny nose she seems to be faring pretty well.

It's Friday, I have no plans for the weekend including today, and the kids are generally in good spirits, so I'm hopeful for a good fun weekend. I was thinking maybe we'd all go do something fun, but... then Mike reminded me this morning that he has a FAITH conference this weekend. Tonight, tomorrow until lunch, then tomorrow afternoon and Sunday morning. He'll be home about 2 hours while the kids are up on Sat and then after nap time on Sunday. And that's about it...

So if we do decide to go do something fun, it will be a solo mom trip with the 5 kids. But if we do, it needs to be something that will STILL be fun as a solo mom trip with 5 kids! :) With the 3 that need a stroller it's not so bad, I have a triple stroller and we're pretty mobile that way. But adding in a 4th that needs "containment" and help with walking around, well... it makes things a bit more difficult to get out on my own. And being prergnant takes away the comfort in just using my sling or hip carrier for any longer trips (tho I'm thankful to have them back- they were loaned out- and I'll definitely be using them for short outings!).

Any ideas? I was thinking maybe the zoo, it's closeby and I think everyone would enjoy it. Or maybe a park, but Emma and Micah aren't quite able to enjoy the park as much as the older kids so we generally don't stay a really long time. Hmm... we'll find something fun to do!!

** On a side note, plans are confirmed and my little visitor will be headed home next weekend. We are so thankful for this time with him and for the work that God has done this month! Praise be to God the perfector of ALL things! Maybe some day I'll figure out just how to share our experiences with you, but we really appreciate all the prayers that have been provided for both our families during this time and for those of you that have trusted us without questioning anyone's motives and supported our situation through kind remarks and prayer. We are blessed to have such a great group of people that care. Thank you!

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  1. Glad you visitor is doing well. Sorry for all goober noses. Not fun. I have Sawyer on Rhinecort (spray in the nose) for his allergies. I can tell a difference when I don't use it. I like it better for him since he had all the heart stuff, I don't like the other allergy meds. Wish you luck on trying to find something. I don't generally do the park by myself as Sawyer takes off with the first friendly face he sees. I like McD's play places (other than the germ factor) because they are usually closed in so I can contain. I go at odd times to minimize how many kids there are. I like those indoor jumpy places. I also like the zoo. (ours has a children's play area that is gated) We have a botanical garden here that has a contained children's area that works well for us. Just throwing out ideas that work for us. Hope you have a great weekend.