Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Do not say to a little boy whose clothes and diaper were just removed "now go to the bathroom." He might. Right there on the floor.

I sent M and B toward the bathroom in their birthday suits then got our visitor undressed and sent that way and went to get Emma out of her highchair when the above exchange happened. Thankfully, Mike was home AND it was on the tile :) The 4 little kids enjoyed a quick bath and I felt like I was running an assembly line washing faces, heads and fannies! But hey, they were all clean when we were done and my back wasn't nearly as done-in as when I do them one at a time!


Want to know the difference between a good morning, an ok morning, a difficult morning, and a really hard one??

A good morning only dry cereal is spilled/thrown. An ok morning liquid spills but doesn't get on any people. A difficult morning is when the spill gets a kid dirty (and we have to start over dressing). A really hard morning is when you're trying to get out the door for an appointment with 4 children and one of them takes her cup, holds it above her lap, turns it upside down and watches as it gulps its way out of the cup, down her chest, all over her lap, chair, and the floor.

Guess which one was today?? :)


  1. I hope you have a better day tomorrow, Meredith

  2. Meredith, you crack me up!

  3. lol I keep having to remind myself that 'fannies' means something dif in the US and you are not swearing!

    Have a better today :)

  4. someday you will look back and laugh. until hold your head up and be strong.