Monday, May 11, 2009

No news is...

not necessarily a waste of time :)

The way the baby is sitting, it was very hard to see the heart. The bottom portions of the heart were all visible and very clear and look good! But the upper portions she could only see the septum in and out of view. So... Doesn't mean that there's an issue (again, it was a bad position to see the heart) but it does mean she couldn't determine one way or the other whether the top of the heart is formed correctly.

We'll go back in 3-4 weeks to meet with both a prenatal cardiologist that reads fetal echos and the perinatologist again. We'll do both these appointments back to back at the women and children's hospital in Orlando and see the same perinatologist that we saw today.

And... the baby is a...

SURPRISE! Yes, the baby's gender also was not visible! LOL Little jellybean wants to keep to themself for now!

We got to chat a lot with this team of four ladies as they did the ultrasound- two are from the hospital that we were at (a little more local than Orlando) and two are the 'traveling team' that does the ultrasounds and interpretation from the Orlando team. So in one meeting, we got a chance to share our testimony with two hospitals!!

As we were leaving I pulled out pictures of our kids from my purse and, of course, gave them each my card with Reece's Rainbow's info on the back and our 4 kiddos' pictures and my email contact on the front. Both groups of ladies asked for more cards and I promised to bring them by later! They often have mothers that they give prenatal diagnosis to and to have a personal contact aside from the Orlando DSA is always a good thing... and someone they personally have met- even better. So hopefully the DSA doesn't mind my sharing as well and of course I'll send parents on to them as well!

This is just one more way that God has used these kiddos of mine to open the hearts of some doctors and maybe, just maybe, one day I'll get an email from someone semilocal that is struggling with their own diagnosis of Ds and needs an encouraging ear :)

Now we get to do it all again in about 3-4 weeks with a different set of hospital folks and also a pediactric cardiologist. No worries about the heart... but please do pray that all is well and this is just the opportunity to build stronger relationships with more doctors that help parents with prenatal diagnosis!!

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  1. Its still always so exciting to see the little ones on the screen right in front of you. Prayers continue for a happy healthy heart for your lil peanut.