Friday, May 29, 2009

How not to shop

Yikes, today was almost quite the experience. I needed desperately to go to Wal-Mart for groceries because we were literally down to ONE cup of milk after breakfast. I generally won't let it get below 1 GALLON at our house since the kids drink a lot of milk. But I did... and at 10:40 I finally decided that I'd had a shower and gotten dressed, all the kids were dressed, and if we didn't leave the house soon we'd be running in to lunch time and naps and I was going to be in trouble.

All 4 kids got shoes on and we piled up in the car. I thought to grab myself a quick drink then decided I'd grab a sweet tea at the McD's at the back of WM once I got there.

That was the mistake.

Pregnant, with 4 kids in tow, 95 degree weather, loading and unloading the car and stroller, pulling a cart, pushing the stroller... I should have had a drink before I left!

I grabbed shampoo and made it toward the back of the store, through the baby section for baby food for micah and grabbed milk at the back of the store. Picked up a cup of popcorn shrimp for the 3 older kids to munch on since it really was pretty much lunch time and I got in line at McD's to get my drink. And I started feeling weird. Hot, all of a sudden, and as I waited there I realized I was about to black out. I sent K and B to sit at a table right near the line and eat their popcorn chicken. Somehow that lack of movement next to me and not having to hold B's hand (as she was insisting) was a little helpful. I just leaned on the stroller, ordered my drink, filled it, grabbed a lid, and considered going to the table without a straw because I felt THAT bad. I did grab the straw, though and then made B get out of her chair so I could sit down- and asked K to grab another spare from somewhere because the table for 4 they'd sat at only had 2 chairs at it.

I hate that feeling of blackness creeping in, especially when I've got 4 kids with me and I'm in a very public place. Better than somewhere isolated, but still... I haven't felt that way in a LONG time. Probably the last time was when I had a fever of 105 and the flu! I sat and drank my sweet tea and the kids munched on their chicken and Micah fussed on and off (mad that everyone but him had something, but goodness, he doesn't eat/drink any of those things so there was just no option there).

In about 5 minutes I felt ok and decided we'd grab the other 4 essentials and go home. I didn't feel wonderful but I no longer felt like I was going to collapse.

Then Mike called me as I was headed out of the store and said he was bringing a friend of ours home for lunch. Very good... so long as the friend doesn't mind that I didn't actually SHOP and we'll be eating PBJ or egg sandwiches for lunch because I didn't think today was such a good day for shopping anymore! (The friend didn't mind and we enjoyed their visit. Brianna LOVES him so she was so happy to see him at lunch time LOL.)

Next time, I'll run back in for a drink before I leave!!


  1. I have experience similar feelings before...and it is never fun. I am glad that you are feeling better.

  2. Meredith,
    Be careful. YOu may want to also have your blood sugar checked. The fact that you felt much better after SWEET tea, makes the nurse in me think it may have been hypoglycemia as much as thirst/dehydration. Watch it!
    Mary Stolz

  3. I agree with Mary. Is it time for the blood sugar/glucose test yet? Be careful!


  4. Glad your OK. I know the feeling. My last pregnancy I had similar things plus some floating spots when I looked at things (but only sometimes). I asked my OB and she said I should drink more water and eat more protein. My iron was usually low during pregnancy but my glucose was always fine.

    Anyway, glad your fine. what a scary feeling- and to be in Wal mart of all places!

  5. I know that feeling well. My blood sugar drops like that (and I am not pregnant). I almost blacked out a couple of times when I was pregnant with Derek (many, many years ago), while I was drying my hair. I could feel that noodle leg, blacking out feeling and it scared me too. My blood pressure would drop super low. I think it was the heat from the shower, the hair dryer, and not having eaten anything. I can't imagine having to worry about that with kids in tow. It's a scary feeling. Carry a nutrigrain bar in your purse, that might help. :0)