Thursday, April 01, 2010


This afternoon the UPS truck drove up to the house and the man came up to ring the bell. He was very nice and offered to bring the huge box inside, which I greatly appreciated! I had him set it down on top of the cooler that was still in the foyer-- I was unpacking still. Kristopher took a look at him and said "Hey, I have a costume like that!" and was very proud of the fact :)

The UPS man, instead of saying "oh great..." said "wow, so does my little nephew!" Then he went on to say "my nephew has Down syndrome and likes to dress up."

Of course you know I couldn't pass that one up :) I told him I have 3 kids w/ Ds and that we're in the process of adopting a 4th. Then he said... my nephew is adopted! So I had to dig and found out that indeed I know his nephew very well and he's the same age as Brianna. I think our new little guy looks a lot like his nephew and I've told "the locals" that.

We stood and talked for a few minutes about how sweet the little ones w/ Ds are and what a blessing they are to our families, introduced ourselves so now we're on a first-name basis with the UPS man, and we went our ways.

You just never know who you might encounter at your doorstep or when the topic of Ds might breach another gap in the great world of 'strangers'!

(and yes, mom, I realize I've never known a stranger...)


  1. great story.. its amazing all the people we meet just because of one extra chromosome! :)

  2. And she didn't even tell us what was in the HUGE box from UPS... :-)

    Great testimony! That's the way mighty fires get started...a few sparks here and there. Praying for an adoption revolution in the USA and abroad!

  3. My husband IS a UPS man :) We have a 3yo with Down Syndrome among our children.