Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just sitting here

... listening to Kristopher read "Are you my mother?" Loving that my kindergartener is reading independently and loves to read!

... watching Lynae up on all fours taking little creeps toward her toys then sitting back and sitting herself up. Wow, how quickly little ones get big! She is 7 1/2 months old now.

... hearing the quiet songs Brianna is singing to herself in her bed. Yes, I'd rather she slept, but a pleasant happy child I'll take over one with an attitude any day! She sounds so sweet with her little made up songs.

... listening to the quiet babbling of Micah and the silence from Emma in their room, on their way to sleep. Thanking God for bringing them both to us and for restoring their health so dramatically. Realizing just how boring life would be without either of them and marveling at how God built our family.

... answering e-mails from the team of wonderful people God brought together to work with me getting even more children home to forever families. Marveling at how one year ago I was 'solo' in the program and now there are 6 more people that He has raised up. He's grown the program just as quickly... we have 70+ families in process right now!

... listening to the dryer, wondering just how many more loads I can get through tonight.

... looking at the porch and seeing that after Kristopher got in trouble for unpacking the bin of toys that I'd separated out to put away for a while he went and cleaned up every single teeny tiny piece of every toy and put it away.

... missing the little boy that belongs in the empty crib, whose toothbrush is dry and whose car seat has been empty. Knowing that when he's here he has a mama that is missing him in his crib at her house and in the carseat in her car. Thanking God James has two families that love him.

... writing an article for a church newsletter about adoption and wondering just what He wants to say.

... feeling my eyelids get heavier and heavier and praying at least one of the kids (preferably 6!) will sleep through the night tonight since 5 each took a turn (or two or three) last night.

... and waiting for Michael and N to get home from youth group. The house feels empty with just the 6 of us here!

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