Saturday, April 03, 2010

My attempts

My attempts to blog more aren't quite working out as planned, but the joy and family time we've had is not something I'd put aside for blogging :)

Yesterday we worked around the house most of the day. I went to Orlando to visit with a new friend that I've corresponded with online for about 9 or 10 months but had yet to meet in person. I brought Brianna and Lynae along and we met the mom of one of the sweetest little angels! V had surgery on Monday and though I'd hoped to make it over to be with her family during that time, we were in Tampa meeting our new son. So Friday it was, and I had a great time with her mom! V is having some eating issues and possibly reflux problems after her heart surgery so your prayers are very much appreciated. V will spend her first Easter in the hospital.

It was so much fun getting to know a "new" mom (V is almost 5 months old and has Ds too!) and getting to share Brianna with her as well. Bria was her usual sweet self and very easygoing even though I hadn't prepared her to be IN the hospital room! I didn't realize we'd be allowed back into the ICU so I had just told Bria we were going to visit Ms. P. Well... she didn't get phased a bit! There were 3 chairs in the tight little room and of course tons of wires and machines and such. Brianna found her entertainment in the chairs and in just smiling and looking for a reaction from us... and of course playing with her baby sister!

I made a quick garlic chicken and artichoke dinner with some rice and garlic cheese bread- yum :)- and then got the living room unburied from the half-unpacked suitcases and bags while Mike got the kids down for bed. After everyone was settled Mike and N and I pulled the 5 laundry baskets into the family room and turned on Transformers and had a nice little laundry folding party :). I'm sure that was the most entertaining Friday night we've had in a while (or... not...).

We all went to bed late and everyone slept until after 8am! We're going to have to set up some alarms to get up early tomorrow so we can get back on a school schedule or we are going to be hard-pressed to be ready on Monday morning!!

N packed up some things yesterday and got ready to visit with his parents tonight overnight and spend Easter with them. So now that I cleared out all the half-unpacked bags, there's another packed bag sitting by the front door. We will miss having him with us for Easter but glad he'll have a little time with his family as well.

Today I put AWAY all that folded laundry and pulled everything that doesn't fit the kids anymore out of the drawers, switched stuff from Emma's to Brianna's dressers, and got a little more organized in the clothes room. I even moved all the long sleeved shirts out of that room and into one of the kids' closets because it is WARM here now!! Today's high is 78 and it is beautiful :)

Mike, N, K, and B are all outside at the moment. N and Mike are working on raking leaves and K and B are playing on the swingset and enjoying the weather. I kept the other 3 kids inside with me and they're enjoying the house with al the windows open and airing out! We've done this out of necessity for a few weeks now because of Micah's early morning diaper explosions (ewwwwwwww........) but it's been great weather for it so I guess that works.

Speaking of, I did get some poo samples tested and it came back negative on most things and one was still pending. Our regular ped called me back with the results and said she wants him tested for c-diff now to see if that could be the problem. She also suggested we try to get in with the GI doctor soon to which I said my my, it will be a while before we ever can get an appt with them! Surprise! About 2 hours later I got an appointment letter in the mail from the GI for Micah with an appointment on the 20th. Good timing! But that's still about 2 1/2 weeks away and will make nearly 8 weeks of this YUCK by then! On Monday we'll pick up the labwork order and the poo catcher :) and Tuesday will drop that off at the labs.

Monday Mike and I will take a wonderful 8 hour CPR and first aide class to be certified for our adoption. It was one of the requirements since he is in medical foster care right now. Then Tuesday Emma will be fitted for orthodics. She'll be getting DAFO's that will give more upper-ankle support and we are hopeful that with the additional support we might get some STEPS out of her soon :). Wednesday is another trip out to Tampa to be trained on the medical parts of our new son's care with his nurse and to get in another visit and snuggle with him! Then Thursday will be a day at the cardiologist with both Emma and Brianna. That visit is always fun- trying to 'wrangle' both girls and the baby for a doctor's visit and an echo. I may enlist some help :). Friday Kristopher's class is headed to the planetarium, and unless they REALLY need the help, I think I'm going to sit this one out!

It promises to be a busy week, but one that will hopefully get us to continue to go in the right direction with each of the kids' health including our new little one as we prepare for his arrival. I might not be taking tours of the hospital and labor and delivery classes, but I do feel like we're preparing for a QUICK birth as we hope to have him moved in before the end of the school year :)

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  1. I am sooooo excited for y'all!!! Sounds like a lot going on but it will all be worth it in the end!!
    Happy Easter to all of you!!