Sunday, April 18, 2010

And now the top end

After 6 weeks of unexplained loose bowels, now Micah gave back his dinner through the top end.  And at the risk of too much detail, I will share anyway so there's your warning  :)

Micah threw up about 10-15min afdter eating, but it was all exactly as it had gone in.  Completely unprocessed.  Nothing added, just as if his food had spilled rather than being swallowed and brought back up.

We callwd the on-call pediatrician and he's not concerned at all, just says to keep him hydrated.  He suggests pedialyte and just a little at a time so he doesn't aspirate.  Clearly he doesn't know Micah because he aspirates just tiny bits of meds.  We are glad he's not concerned, though since we were considering a trip to the ER thinking he could have a blockage or something with all the loose bowels and now no BM's in 24 hrs and puking instead.

We see the GI on Tuesday and I sure hope he has some ideas!


  1. As someone who spent all of last night puking, I say, I feel your pain little man!

  2. Okay, this happened with Aidan once. Nasty diarrhea for days then suddenly puking, still just a little watery diarrhea here and there. Then he started having the stomach pains, which he couldn't communicate but he was practically doubled over. He didn't have an actual blockage, but it was called a "functional ileus" where the bowels sort of stopped working. They said it was probably a chemical imbalance in his body from all the diarrhea. After 2 days in the hospital on IV's everything started working again.

    Long story short, it sounds like you're considering the possibility that he has a blockage, so I just want to second that notion. I'm sure you'll keep your eyes on him and take him in if you need to. I hope it's just a stomach virus and he gets back to normal soon. Good luck.

  3. I would have taken him any way to the ER, some times doctors forget the people they are caring for and just focus on the symptoms! Praying for you.

  4. oh my goodness!! hoping you get some answers SOON! Poor little guy! Keep us posted...
    praying for y'all :-)

  5. Charlie used to do that. Throw up his dinner, still completely recognizable, even long after the meal was over.

    We also struggled severely with loose bowels for about a year--getting better these last couple of months. It was as you described, just so copious and putrid. We lost many pairs of jammies due to those poops as the smell just would not wash out. It was almost as if it had an amonia like smell on top of the regular old poop smell. For Charlie, I think the reflux med he was taking was suppressing his stomach acid too much and letting bacteria grow in his gut (and perhaps not letting food break down in his stomach, either). A downsyn mom suggested this to me, so we took him off his med as he still refluxes a bit, but not near as much as he did as a baby, and he does not aspirate. Anyway, I really think that for us that was the culprit.

    I sure hope the GI guy has ideas for you. Our only diagnosis was ever "diarreah of toddlerhood".

  6. I'm praying for you....this is no fun for you OR Micah! Also praying for the dr's wisdom:)