Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GI appointment update

Micah had a GI appt yesterday and it went pretty well. Fortunately Micah's bowels seem to have CALMED over the last few days! So weird (and the timing is impeccable since it always stops when you go to the specialist, right?). I won't complain though! The GI said in general he's not worried about the diarrhea because Micah doesn't appear to be dehydrated and continues to gain weight. He also tends to put things out as "kids with Ds ________." Fill in the blank. Today we had it filled in with "have unusual stool patterns." We also were told "kids with Ds just have reflux." I think that's interesting since both of his statements are absolutely correct for Micah, but not for my two daughters, who also just so happen to have Ds. Anyway, I DO like this doctor and we will continue to use the reflux medication for Micah.

The only thing that the pediatrician hasn't tested for that he said right away was for Celiac. He said that seems to be a likely problem for Micah. We shall see. We'll do the bloodwork later this week.

That's all for now. Been prepping the house for our little visitor this weekend and getting our ducks in a row as school is quickly coming to a close (one month from today!). Trying to figure out whether Emma really doesn't qualify for summer school (I don't get how she couldn't but she apparently doesn't according to their screening!). And when I dropped Micah off at school this morning there was no aide for him since another substitute didn't show up. So that took a good 20 minutes of talking to teachers and people in the office to make sure someone was headed that way before he got out of OT this morning. We do not all need to be sick again!!


  1. Glad that you like the doctor, but like it more that Micah is not so runny right now.

    Have you pushed the summer school button of "emerging skills"? Sometimes that will get them. If she's about to breakthrough with a new skill (gross motor, language, etc) they can use that as criteria to authorize Extended School Year.
    The other basic criterion is usually how much regression there is in skills. If it took her more than 1 week to get back to the same place she was before she had a week's vacation (spring break?), then they can use that to qualify her for ESY. But maybe Florida is different that NC and VA.

  2. I was going to comment on the same vein as Beth...I would think that with NO school all summer, Emma would have a regression in skills?

    But, hey...who am I? Oops, yea...a special ed teacher! LOL!
    Go get 'em, mama bear!