Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Better late than never… Pool pictures!

The kids all had a great time in the pool on Saturday!  Our new little guy had never been in a pool, and the kids have been begging to get in for a month or more now.  The big pool was still too cool for me to let the kids in, but we heated up the jacuzzi and blew up the kiddie pool and let them all go to town!

Poor Micah- I kept him out of either of the ‘real’ pools because of his tummy trouble.  Instead he got a rubbermaid bin with warm water in it right NEXT to the kids’ pool.  Much easier to dump if he was to have a diaper blowout :)  Thankfully he didn’t have any trouble, but caution and forethought have saved me MANY headaches :)  As you can see from the pictures- he didn’t really mind!  He loves the water no matter how he gets to be in it :)

Lynae still hasn’t been in a pool.  Since she’s not 100% stable sitting up yet I didn’t put her in the kiddie pool and I didn’t want to have her get wet if she wasn’t going to stay in the water because I didn’t want her getting cold.  All the other kids stayed in the warm water most of the time.

I worked some with Emma on balance in the pool.  We bought ‘spring’ floats that are toddler floats for the pool.  Last year we had some with a smaller circumference and she WANTED to tip them constantly!  She sat higher out of the water in those too and she is definitely TOP HEAVY.   So I put her in the spring float (Brianna’s in it in pic’s below) and tried tipping her and seeing what she did when playing in it.  She learned very quickly how to keep it from tipping over and enjoyed all the praise for staying upright.  I think she’ll do great this year in that and we’ll continue working on using a swimming vest as well.  This float will let her spend more time in the water though, and I know she’ll love that!

Enjoy the photos!

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  1. Meredith,
    Your babies aren't babies anymore!! They are adorable!!

  2. they are getting so big, fun day. very sweet

  3. Looks like so much fun, my kids would LOVE having a pool!