Saturday, April 10, 2010

Potty talk- coincidence?


Micah has consistently had 2-5 NASTY diapers every day for the last 5 weeks or so.  They were the most HORRIBLE smell (not just dirty diapers, I can handle dirty diapers… but this was AWFUL!).  The stench not only permeated his bedroom, but the entire house!  Airing out the house daily was necessary- no matter how cool of a morning it was, windows were open!! 

We even went on vacation for 5 days in a hotel room with 8 people and it was not something that we were looking forward to!  Thankfully our room had a sliding glass door and balcony so we could even air out the hotel room!


We tested for parasites, Giardia (sp?), Roto Virus, and something else that I don’t remember and everything came back negative.  That was just a ‘starting point’ and the easiest thing to figure out—if he had an infection.  Our ped called us and said let’s test for C-diff since he was on so many antibiotics previously and it would make sense.  I picked up the nice little ‘cup’ to test him on Friday morning.

I also had my mind running thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD and I remembered something that might be helpful.  When we first brought Micah home from Ukraine he had horrible explosive bowel movements 4-6 times/day.  He was miserable.  And then… we put him on SOY.  We’ve already been doing the “BRAT” diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast- but he doesn’t eat toast) for 2 weeks, so let’s see what else we can change…

Thursday I took Micah off milk again.  He’s been on it for almost 18 months with no issues, but then all of a sudden after his tonsil surgery this has been just awful.  When it didn’t come back as an infection (we also ran bloodwork which did not suggest infection), my next thought was this.

Thursday after the initial morning BM hat he always has he didn’t have another BM all day.  Or all night.  Friday he did not have a BM.  AT ALL.  Today he woke up and wouldn’t you know… the house didn’t smell!  Now, I don’t want to take one problem and make it the opposite (constipation) but this morning he had a BM unlike the ones he’s had for 5+ weeks.  It was the ONLY one we’ve had like that.  Even the smell… was tolerable.

And now I come to think… MUST be the milk!  But I don’t know enough about allergies to really be able to say.

Would a milk allergy’s effects  “go away” that soon (within 48 hours) of removing all milk products?  He’s also been very bloated.  His pants fit yesterday!  His little round tummy has once again recessed to his normal size.  Can that all happen that quickly after taking him off milk?

Or is this just ‘time’ that is finally kicking something he had going on that is ‘wearing off’?  Or maybe the BRAT diet is finally working?

Today we’ll put him back on oatmeal instead of rice to thicken his drinks.  And soy milk.  No dairy, but less of the BRAT diet. 

In a way I hope it’s a coincidence, because a milk allergy that causes that severe of stomach discomfort is not something I wish upon him!  But I also hope it’s the answer because it IS something that we can manage and he can hopefully feel better now!!

More potty talk later… for now I’m just glad he can take a bath and sit and enjoy himself without me being concerned that he’ll fill the entire tub with a brownish MUCK that will require 4-5 baths to get out of his hair :)  Yes, I know… leaves you with such great imagery, right? :)


  1. Don't know how it works BUT when T came home from Ethiopia, his BMs were horrible. Tested for all the parasites common and all were negative. Put him on Soy...didn't help. Put him on Rice Milk...VOILA...the silver bullet. He's been good ever sense. Doc tells me most kids outgrow Milk allergy symptoms by age 4. He can tolerate yogurt just fine.

    So not sure what fixed M's symptoms just wanted to share what we've been thru.


  2. Could he have milk intolerance? That often causes irritable bowel, bloating, horribly smelling BM etc.

  3. i agree. i think its the milk. my aiden cant eat chocolate..has severe reaction..hives, mouth swelling, wheezing.

  4. Hannah developed lactose intolerance after a surgery.We have no idea why but she is fine as long as we keep all dairy out of her diet.It really sounds like M may have the same issue.Good luck!

  5. My daughter Liana has had a milk protein allergy/intolerance since birth, and I would say it's definitely no coincidence that Micah's symptoms went away within 48 hours. Liana's dramatically reduce within 24hrs of elimination. Ugh, I sympathize with you on the foul poops! Glad you guys found some relief!

  6. We've had Kaia on soy or rice milk since she was a little over a year old. When I transitioned her off of formula to regular milk she started refluxing all the time. Doc put her on Zantac which doesn't decrease the reflux at all, just neutralizes the acid so it doesn't do any damage to her esophogus. After a month or two on one of the DS message boards the topic of soy milk came up and many people were using it because they found it upset their kids stomachs. I gave it a try and that stopped Kaia's reflus. She's been on it ever since. At the time I stayed away from yogurt and cheese and ice cream, but then gradually added it back in and she was ok with it....just not straight milk.

    She is still on rice/soy at almost 6 years old. Over the last few months though I've been really lazy with not giving her regular milk (like in her cereal) and she's been drinking alot of yogurt drinks. She has been sooooo unbeleivably bloated and I couldn't figure out why. I noticed the other day she hasn't had her big budda belly and I think it's because she hasn't had a yogurt drink in over a week, and she's been back on her soy milk all the time. I've always had worries about her big bloated belly so I'm going to cut out all cow's milk completely and see how she does. So far so good though.

    This seems to be very common with kids with DS.

  7. Yes, the milk allergy would go away that fast because his body expelled the milk problems through his poo. I just took my oldest off of milk because he was having the same problem and it stopped within 2 days.

  8. Yes, his symptoms could go away that fast. My dad and brother both are allergic to milk and if they eat ice cream or something with a lot of milk in it, they get sick, but as soon as their body gets rid of it, they are fine. Rice milk is great and can be better for you than soy milk because too much soy can be bad (I don't remember the reason but recently read this somewhere). So many people are lactose intolerant these days that it's really not that big of a deal. Good luck! :)

  9. I was eating chocolate ice cream when I read this....

    Need I say more?

  10. Mer, has he been tested for celiac?

  11. Meredith,

    I forget, did Micah ever get tested for Hirschsprung's disease or other gut/colon type challenges?


  12. Sounds like he might be lactose intolerant. Have you ever tried lactose free milk like "lactaid milk"? My family has to drink this but we drink the store brand of lactose free milk.

  13. Yes, if you have a milk intolerance or allergy you can have very quick noticeable changes once it is removed from the diet. If the problem continues to happen and this was just coincidence, I'd also check into a gluten or wheat intolerance. Those are also super common.

    We've just found out that my brother (5 y/o now) has a gluten intolerance or celiac disease (gotta get some testing done to be sure). He also has a milk intolerance. And lots of times a milk intolerance and gluten intolerance go hand-in-hand.

    But, some allergies may not show up for years down the road.

  14. I have a milk allergy AND am gluten intolerant. The effects of the allergy will usually go after the 'life' of what you ate leaves your system. Wheat and gluten intolerance is different. Because it is technically an enteropathy the result of it being in your system is it alters your intestine. It can take YEARS to undo that and depending upon the age when discovered some damage may be permanent. That sort of damage only happens if you are in your 20s when it is discovered or older so no worries for a little one.

    It sounds like a dairy allergy though. I would suggest rice milk or oat milk ordinarily over soya since soya can cause estrogen levels in boys to become elevated but with rice and oat you do run the risk of constipation if you have lots of it. BUT!!! I would suggest adding apricot to his diet each day and that would eliminate that risk.

    I recommend apricot for ALL children with DS to keep from constipation.

    Here is an EASY way to include it in each meal...

    1. Buy pack of ORGANIC DRIED APRICOT (the non organic are covered in flour so get organic if you want to avoid wheat)

    2. Boil until soft in a pan with enough water to cover them about half an inch to inch above them.

    3. Pour the Apricots AND the water they were boiled in into a blender and blend into a puree.

    4. Give a small bowl full with each meal like you would applesauce.

    5. Refrigerate (but if it gets too cold just put in bowl half hour before eating and it should be fine)

    Ok... seriously ANY child that struggles with constipation, start feeding them this each meal and you will see it completely go away.

    Ok, I'd better get some work done! (Mum work lol... my Boss really makes me work these days!)

  15. Ok, should mention... the apricot is sweet so most kids would really like it. Also... apricot is really good for immunity too! :)

  16. Oh dear!! Sorry! I completely understand.

    It's all too fresh and real to me.... we are dealing with some serious poop issues in the twins we are adopting... My blog is turning into the poop chronicles! Our issue is 6 year olds who have never been potty trained and because of chronic constipation since babyhood, and lack of training and someone paying attention.... they likely have encopresis. Pooping in the tub - in the pants, on the floor - it's all part of the daily scene for us! I lost 5 pounds in the first two weeks of getting them home I was so grossed out!!! To top it off we are coming to the conclusion that my dh has celiac : -)