Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Is a decision. I hope one day that everyone can meet someone that makes the decision to love them. And to love with abandon.

Not Eros love, but Agape love. Tue love inspired by God the Father and shown to us in the sacrifice of His son.

When was the last time you showed Agape love to someone outside your circle of close family and friends?

Fed a homeless person?

Held the door for an elderly person with a smile and complemented them on their plaid polyester pants (hey, they ARE back in style)?

Complemented a mom-of-many on her well behaved children in a store or restaurant?

Told a dad and kids that you see about that you were glad to see a father take on his children and love them so obviously?

When was the last time you invited someone over for a meal simply because you felt like they might benefit from an invitation and a night of friendly talk? Even if you don't know them well?

I'd love to hear your experiences with expressing love to others around you!

That homeless person you buy a hot coffee for might have been close to suicide because of their misfortunes in life. The elderly person may have gone to the store because they had no one to talk to and just had to get out of the house. The mother might have had a rough day or debated ever going out again because the last shopping trip was a disaster. The dad might be on his first visitation with his children or a weekly walk- but the complement will be kind just the same. A meal and conversation can make a week of lonliness brighten up and be something a person remembers forever.

The possibilities are endless. The results may be timeless.

Love someone today :)


  1. I like to encourage others with words because as of late our finances are pretty tight. I ask the Lord to show me one person in our church directory that needs a phone call to be encouraged. Sometimes, I drop by their house, too. I send cards too on a regular basis.

  2. shari I wish you lived near me. = )

    There was this elderly fellow at McDs a long time ago. It was cold. his coat was worn. his glasses out of style. he was tall and very thin. He stood in a corner trying to blend while holding a bunch of napkins acting like he was waiting for someone. He and his napkins would move if too many people gathered in that are and there were no more seats. I dont know if the people around me were blind or didnt care but I went and bought a burger and by the time they managed to get it the guy was heading out across the parking lot. I left my coat and belongings to run after him and bring him the burger. He was grateful. He said Thank you. God bless you.

    I adopted 3 children, with 3 more on the way.

    I toss in change or a dollar if someone in front of me is short of money at check out. Not every time but whenever I can.

    I donate my clothes to the local clothes closet that serves poor and homeless.

    I gave all my baby stuff to a woman's shelter when my baby was no longer a baby. clothes, toys, other stuff babies need.

    I befriended someone who didnt fit in in this community and was outcast. she became my best friend. I miss her so much since she moved on.

    giving of yourself is incredibly satisfying. I know it doesnt often come back around my way but thats ok. I dont do it to get something in return, I do it because it needs to be done.