Friday, April 30, 2010

If ever I need a reminder

Of how I love that the kids play together…


DSCN7725 DSCN7722 DSCN7726  DSCN7723


Yes, I realize Emma’s not in any of those photos.  And no, she doesn’t really play with the other kids.  But… that just goes to show that there are MANY reasons why we love each of our kids… not just one thing to ‘judge’ a good fit by :)  Emma fits perfectly, despite this difference!

And in case you didn’t notice our little monkey up there, climbing on the side of Micah’s crib… well, today she got even more adventurous and climbed up to the top bunk of hers and Kristopher’s bunk bed!  I was vacuuming and shampooing her carpet and she wanted to be close… but not too close :)


Oh, and go ahead… ask me if it will be “worth the work” to add one more… go right ahead! :)


  1. you dont have to ask ME if it is worth the work to add one more! I know it is. It was worth it when I had two and added two. and when I had 4 and added two more. and now I have 6 and adding THREE or more. all worth it. no doubt about it. cute kids.

  2. I know it's worth it, and I know you will do GREAT with another one.

  3. They are sooo cute and YES, soooooo much fun!!

    How is Mr. James doing today??


  4. Love Brianna's hair! The kids ae adorable together!