Thursday, April 29, 2010

James update

James has bronchitis and the beginnings of pneumonia. He's on antibiotics and being loved on by his foster mom under the watchful eye of his night nurse. After talking to his FM we both know he'd be better to stay there until he's more stable and feeling a bit better rather than come back here where everything is still so new while he's really feeling puny. We'll play it by ear as to when he's ready to roll and rejoin the ranks here. Mike is planning to go spend the day with him on Saturday if he's not ready to come here yet. We'll just do a wait and see as to when he's ready.

Thank you for praying, please continue to pray him back to health!

And... there's another update on the adoption on the My Normal Family blog!


  1. So glad he's in good hands, even if they're not yours yet. Hope he's feeling better soon!

  2. Hoep he feels better soon! Get well James!