Thursday, April 15, 2010


Tell me more about this??

I thought this was a 'dead' piece of the bowels that causes a child not to pass anything? So why would this be something that wasn't noticed until 3 1/2 yrs old and is it something that would cause these loose bowels? And would it rear its head after a surgery? I don't know much of anything about it... Any info would be appreciated so I know what I'm asking about when I talk to the GI doctor on Tuesday.



  1. During fetal development the neurons that cause peristalsis move from the upper colon down to inervate the entire colon from the top to the anus. If something interrupts this steady movement, you are left with an area of colon from the anus up (potentially the entire colon) without the ability to contract.

    Most people present in early infancy with either failure to pass stool or infrequent stools. Depending on the length of aganglionic colon, the symptoms will present early or late.

    Occasionally it will present as constipation (chronic) and the person will only poop with manual anal stimulation.

    Frequently people who are chronically constipated can have "diarrhea" leakage around a mass of hard stool and occasionally this can be a sign of Hirschprungs.

    It is easy to diagnose Hirschprungs. Usually first a barium enema will be suggestive by showing an area of very contracted colon and then a dilated area "above" that. But the definitive diagnosis is made by doing a biopsy of the mucosal layer of the colon and looking for ganglion (nerve) cells. If there are no ganglion cells then this confirms the diagnosis.

  2. I have a friend who's little boy has it and it started right at birth. He did not have his first BM and it stayed in his bowels and got infected. He is now almost 3 and has had problems all along. I have never heard of it coming later and you not having some problems before now.

  3. Actually, my father had this! I am not sure how they treated it! To my knowledge it wasn't a dead bowel but just bowel that didn't work or contract right. I know it's not much information. Is this Micah's dx?

  4. I have a friend with a son who has DS who also has this. He was not diagnosed right away as far as I know. She told me that he would have such watery toxic bowel movements that he constantly had a very irritated bottom. So, from this I take it that he was having these loose runny bowels. Her son is 4 now, and I'm not sure when he was officially diagnosed. If you would like to contact her email me for her email. I don't want to post someone else's info online, but I know she would be more than happy to talk:

  5. My son Joey (Ds) was born with Imperforate close to Hirschsprung's cousin as possible. Chances are the child has mega colon for being 3 1/2 years old unless he didn't have chronic constipation. I don't know where you live but I know the two BEST butt doctors in the world come from Cincinnati, OH. Joey has had 3 surgeries with them. I've recommended them to others like I would a good beautician :) Oh, go to (or maybe .com). They have lots of good information about anorectal malformations. Dr. Alberto Pena and Dr. Marc Levitt. Dr. Levitt takes emails too. Mention Steph & Joey Becker from North Dakota :) Oh, and whoever who chose to do the surgery on this child make sure they have LOTS of experience. A not so experienced surgeon could cause incontinence. Shoot Dr. Levitt an email if you want/need a second opinion.

    Steph (adopting Isaiah)

  6. My husband has this. He had constipation issues from birth, but was not dx until he was 10. Had portion of bowel removed and no further issues. Kids with Ds are more likely to have this. If he has a blackage and watery stool is leaking around it there is typically a rotten smell to the stool like Micah is having. Leejo's(Downsyn) son has hirshsprung's also.

  7. I mentioned Hirschsprung's because I know of many kids with later in life diagnosis and it wasn't constipation as the main symptom. It was the diaharrea like stools and bloating.

    Our son was diagnosed with HD at birth after not passing his meconium stool. He also has Ds. But I mentioned it for you to possibly talk to the physician about with Micah because the symptoms sounded similar to ones I had heard of from older kids.

    Blessings to your family. I am so glad that many of us as mothers can use these blogs to share ideas and pearls of wisdom. It is so helpful.