Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bringing in 2010

In 2000 I turned 18, graduated from high school, moved out, and got engaged.

In 2001 we bought our first home and got married.

In 2002 I started working in children's ministry.

In 2003 I graduated with my bachelor's degree in elementary education with a minor in psychology from UCF. I also started a 5-6th grade ministry at our church.

In 2004 I became a mom for the first time when Kristopher was born, I held my first (and only LOL) formal teaching position, Mike graduated with his bachelor's degree in HR managrement from UCF, and we sold our home and bought another.

In 2005 I was pregnant with our second child.

In 2006 (January) Our first daughter was born, she was diagnosed with Down syndrome in March and had open heart surgery in June.

In 2007 we moved yet again, Mike started his master's degree, and we committed to adopt a (yes, ONE) child with Down syndrome from Ukraine.

In 2008 we traveled for our child which became children, I spent 7 weeks in Ukraine- Mike 4 of those with me, and Emma had throat surgery, Micah was hospitalized, did Emma's heart surgery, and finally sold our house (from the last move).

In 2009 Mike finished his graduate work and Lynae our 5th (and 3rd bio) child was born.

A decade in the making...

And now... Mike's finished with school. No adoptions in process. No babies in the works. We're settled in a house we love. No big job changes that we can really SEE. No big things in the works. Nothing. Nowhere.

So we're waiting with open arms and wondering what season God might have for us next. He doesn't usually have us wait very long before He sends us on the next thing. We're ready. We've already said Yes. Now we are just waiting for what that means.

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  1. "We've already said Yes. Now we are just waiting for what that means." I love the heart that this reflects.