Monday, August 01, 2011

A table for ten, please...

Since our adoption in December we haven't all been able to eat around one table.  We accommodated with a high chair at a corner and a wheelchair at another, but soon Lynae didn't want to sit in the baby seat any more and Wesley was getting a little more independent at lease with his drinking and also needed space at the table.  For the summer we added a kids' picnic table to the kitchen but we missed our family meal times!

This week we bought a table at IKEA that not only didn't cost a fortune, but would be very versatile for us.

This is actually 2 tables each of which serves 6, pushed together.  It leaves a big space for the wheelchair for Wesley as well as the ability to have a grandparent or friend or whoever join us for a meal.    We can also put them in the playroom or living room and have a big holiday dinner with combined families if we extend them.  Each table can serve 10 when fully extended (but is tight and doesn't have extra room for the wheelchair, which is why we bought two and leave them unextended). 

Anyway, we enjoyed our first dinner all at the same table tonight!!


  1. Fantastic! Nothing beats sitting down at night as a family!

  2. LOVE IT!! It looks so good! I can't wait to see it in person ;) I'm glad you can all sit around the table together and enjoy a nice family dinner, TOGETHER!


  3. NICE!!!!!!! So glad your able to be all together for meals, its soo important :)

  4. maybe one day i will be able to have dinner with u guys


  5. We did the same thing! We bought two tables with four chairs each at Garden Ridge. The sets were $200 each, which was way cheaper than buying one table that would seat all of us. We have them pushed together right now so that they seat eight, but if we turn the tables the other way and push them together they will seat ten. Plus I love the options for moving them around as needed for extra space!

  6. Looks wonderful! So glad you figured something out that works for you all without costing a fortune!