Sunday, July 31, 2011

Little Miss isn't so little...

Lynae has grown up so much this summer. Spending so much time with her older siblings has brought out some good (and not so good LOL) things in the 'baby' of the family.

Lynae has decided that she wants to be toilet trained soon.  She takes every opportunity to go potty when the other kids do, and has already determined that she will be wearing pull ups like the boys wear.  To the point of taking her diaper off herself to go potty, and going to the changing table, finding a pull up, putting it on herself, and putting her pants back on.  Wow, the independence... It's amazing to see her so independent at 22 months old...

Speaking of independent, we went shopping for school shoes the other day.  I started with the boys.  I took their shoes off, tried a pair of shoes on, tried another pair on, and then put their shoes back on.  With Aleksa she took her own shoes off, I put a pair on, got her to walk around a bit, put another pair on her, then asked her to take them off and she put her own shoes on as well and I fastened them for her.  I got to Brianna and she took her shoes off, tried on the new shoes, walked around, put on another pair and I fastened them for her.  She took them off, put her own shoes back on, and went on our way.  Not much help needed.  Then... Lynae walked over to where I'd mentioned her size was earlier.  She sat down and took her shoes off.  I gave her a pair and she put them on, stood up, took them back off, and at that point decided she was done, and put her own shoes back on and we left (without buying shoes for her... she didn't need any!).  It's amazing to see her grow and learn.

I know the things she's doing are on target for her age, and many people say that your younger child will make you realize just how far behind your older child with Ds really is.  Or, you'll think that your younger child is some sort of genius since they're doing things so much faster than the older child.

For me, it seems that although I do realize how far behind each of my kids w/ Ds are... and it is certainly more obvious with Lynae coming up and passing them when she's 3 years younger than the youngest of our crew (Micah).  I think that rather than feel badly that our older kids aren't hitting the developmental milestones, or think that Lynae is a super genius, I am more so just encouraged that she is following their lead (in potty training) and they are striving to follow her lead (like Brianna trying to be more independent with other things that Lynae wants to do!).

I love the 'mix' that our different kids provide for one another!  I love to see our Peanut coming in to her own and striving to be like her siblings.  I know that pretty soon, she will have passed up the other kids, or most of them anyway, but they will continue to learn from her, and she will always love them for exactly who they are!

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