Thursday, August 18, 2011

Car Decal

On our 12 passenger van we had a decal that said "Adoption, a beautiful way to grow your family" compliments of Christine Reed mailing it to me :).

Now we have a 15 passenger.  I need a new decal!  I'd love to design my own and have it printed, but am having a hard time coming up with a phrase that really speaks to my heart as to what I'd like to say to whomever might be driving behind us, or see our van parked at the grocery store or the school.

I probably want it to be about adoption.
Maybe special needs.
I think I want to add the Bible address of James 1:27 to it.
I don't want it to have the "savior" mentality or to speak of something *we* did. (ie: we saved a child)

So I know what I don't want.  Just don't really know what I DO want.



  1. Meredith,
    When you come up with it, can I steal it? I want the same thing...adoption/special needs/bible verse...but not "savior" pertaining to us.

  2. Just additional food for thought. I bought one from a friend on facebook doing an adoption fundraiser. It has two hearts in the middle and the words "Blessed by Adoption" are written in a circle and surround the hearts. I love it.

  3. One God. Two parents. Eight kids.
    Pure and faultless religion. (or faith)