Friday, August 05, 2011

72 hour surveillance

On Wednesday I took Lynae for her follow up cardiology visit, which was GREAT!  Our cardiologist, for the first time ever, said she only wanted one more visit then would RELEASE my child from care :)  YAY!!  Lynae had a VSD and it is closed. (I prior thought it was a PDA but it was explained as a VSD and now I'm not positive what it was :)  ).  Either way, it's GOOD now!  She'll go back in one year to make sure that as her heart grows there's nothing else that 'shows up' that's not visible when she's this tiny...

On Thursday Michael took Micah for pre-op for his ear tubes.  He'll get them put in on Monday.

As for the title... Wesley was fitted with a 72 hour EEG this morning.  We made it through day 1 with the kids unplugging it only about a dozen times (the video surveillance part, not the actual EEG!).  Monday morning Wesley will have it taken of at the same time (or right after) as Micah's tube surgery.  Mike's going one way... I'm going another way... and our summertime babysitter will be here with the rest of the crew for the morning.  

I can't believe that school starts in just a few days... WOW!

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